BGMI 2.8 Update Showcases ‘Halloween’ Theme: How to Obtain the Gothic Gentlemen Outfit!

by Moore Martin

GMI 2.8 Update Showcase

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is all set to spook you with its latest 2.8 update. In the spirit of Halloween, this update brings a plethora of new features, accessories, and outfits. These additions are meticulously designed to provide players with a more immersive gaming experience and increase overall engagement. In this article, we will delve deep into the update, with a special focus on how to acquire the enticing Gothic Gentleman costume and the coveted Wicked Night Crate.

Introducing the BGMI 2.8 Update with the Halloween Theme

Battlegrounds Mobile India consistently surprises its players with fresh features, crates, themes, and items to keep the gameplay engaging. With the recent 2.8 update, BGMI has unveiled an exciting “zombie edge” theme just in time for Halloween. This spooky theme has introduced the alluring Wicked Night Crate, providing players the opportunity to obtain the coveted Gothic Gentleman costume along with other exciting rewards.

How to Get the Gothic Gentleman Costume

The Gothic Gentleman costume was recently unveiled by BGMI through an official Instagram post. To get your hands on this stylish attire, players will need to use UC (Unknown Cash) to unlock the newly added Wicked Night Crate.

What’s Inside the Wicked Night Crate

The Wicked Night Crate is a treasure trove of exclusive items. It features not only the Gothic Gentleman outfit but also the Fright Night costume, Hellfire-AKM skin, Fright Night hood, Gothic Gentleman hat, and several other rare items. This crate offers players the opportunity to align their attire with the ongoing Halloween theme, making their in-game character look the part.

How to Access the Wicked Night Crate

To access the Wicked Night Crate, simply navigate to the “Crates” section in the game’s menu. From there, select the Wicked Night Crate and hit the “Open” button. The first crate opening will cost you 30 UC, and subsequent openings will require 60 UC each. For players looking to try their luck, there’s an option to open the premium crate ten times for 540 UC. However, it’s essential to note that acquiring these new sets is entirely based on chance, so only a fortunate few will be able to add them to their collection.

Time is of the Essence

Hurry up, though, as the new crate is only available for a limited time. Make sure you grab these amazing items before they are discontinued.

KRAFTON India Gaming Incubator (KIGI)

In an effort to bolster and diversify the country’s gaming industry, Krafton, the manufacturer behind BGMI, has initiated a brand-new program called the KRAFTON India Gaming Incubator (KIGI). This program, with a duration of six months to a year, aims to mentor six to ten teams each year, providing them access to corporate resources, including market research and data analytics. Upon completing the program, participants will have the choice of self-publishing their games or seeking venture capital backing from Krafton and external investors.

Conclusively, the BGMI 2.8 update with the Halloween theme is all set to make your gaming experience spookier and more exciting than ever. With the Gothic Gentleman outfit and the Wicked Night Crate up for grabs, make sure you don’t miss the chance to add a touch of Halloween to your in-game persona.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: When will the BGMI 2.8 update be released?

A1: The release date for the BGMI 2.8 update will be announced by the game developers. Keep an eye on their official channels for updates.

Q2: How can I obtain UC for opening the Wicked Night Crate?

A2: UC can be acquired through in-game purchases or various in-game events and promotions.

Q3: Are the items in the Wicked Night Crate permanent or limited-time items?

A3: The availability of items in the Wicked Night Crate is often for a limited time. Be sure to check the crate’s details for specific information.

Q4: What other themes and updates can we expect from BGMI in the future?

A4: BGMI is known for its frequent updates and themes. Stay tuned to their official announcements for information on upcoming releases.

Q5: How can I participate in the KRAFTON India Gaming Incubator (KIGI) program?**

A5: Details on how to participate in the KIGI program will be provided by Krafton. Keep an eye on their official website for application instructions and announcements.

Get ready to embrace the Halloween spirit in BGMI with the Gothic Gentleman outfit and other fantastic items. Happy gaming!

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