Bigg Boss Julie poses for a photo covered only in sand, shocks fans with this controversial photo!

by Glenn Maxwell

Julie, among the Bigg Boss Season 1 contestants, grew to become famous one of the people like a ‘Jallikattu star’ before taking part in Bigg Boss show. But with that show, she tarnished her very own status and grew to become referred to as worst competitor.

It’s significant, however, that they had the chance to look inside a couple of films and television shows following the Bigg Boss show. Within this position, she’s acted inside a couple of films including ‘Amman Thaaye’.

And Bigg Boss Julie continues to be posting glamorous photos on her behalf Instagram page every so often while presently posting a photograph of herself outfitted only within the sand. She stated it had become a still for any movie having a suspense and thriller story aspect which it was the show she was most searching toward. It’s important to note this photo is presently going viral on social networking.

As always, Netizens happen to be posting good and bad comments with this photo of Julie.

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