How to wash Hd lace wig

by Carter Toni

The Hd lace wig are known as the filming wig. It is one of the most known and most buying wigs because of its longevity and durability. But it requires proper care and maintenance.

It does not involve something specific for washing but is similar to your natural hair. You will never wash your hair with any harmful or chemical product; avoid it in the case of Hd lace wig washing. So, let’s dive in:

Steps to Wash Hd lace wig:

Lukewarm water:

After the preparatory phase, the next thing is washing. For this purpose, you have to fill the bowl with lukewarm water. Avoid hot water as it makes your wig hair rough and fuzzy, resulting in the weakening of lace, and the elasticity of straps will reduce instantly.

Apply shampoo:

You have to put half a handful of wig shampoo in the water and mix it properly. Never apply shampoo directly on the wig. One important thing to consider is that shampoo is limited and used in a given quantity.

For a long Hd wig – One and a half teaspoons is enough

For a short Hd hair wig, only one half teaspoon

For medium length hair wig, one full tablespoon

Soak the Hd lace wig:

You have to soak the wig and turn it to all sides gently in this step. After this, swirl in a circular motion and make sure that the wig is fully saturated, then leave for 3 to 5 minutes in this water.

Rinsing of Wig:

Now press the wig with soft fingers and put it out from the foamy water. After this, rinse it under cold running water. If the wig needs more cleaning, it is no harm to soak it for a few minutes again.

Cleaning of cap:

As the cap holds adhesive glue and Buildup, it requires more cleanliness. You can remove the glue through a spare toothbrush and small brush. While doing this, apply proper care as if you stretch it, it can tear up.

Apply Wig hair condition: 

After washing the Hd lace wig, drain the water and refill the sink with new lukewarm water. Put some quantity of wig conditioner and mix it well in the water. It is good to use the amount of conditioner according to the given direction on the bottle.

Soak the wig for 1 to 2 minutes and gently press it with the help of your fingertips. Do not rub the wig, as it leads to tangling and breakage of hair that is not repairable.

Rinse under cold running tap water thoroughly. After this, apply some hair oil to minimize frizz when dry.

Final words:

It is all about the washing of Hd lace wig washing and taking care. After washing, the final result will rock you, and you will look stunning. Firstly use the amount of shampoo and conditioner as per directions of that product. But if there is no mention, you can use as above stated.

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