Bigg Boss Tamil 7th Week Eviction: Get Ready For Double Elimination, Who’s In Danger Done And Who’s Safe?

by Glenn Maxwell

Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 gets interesting daily. With every day, the crowd witnesses another side from the housemates the way they turn against their buddies making brand new ones. The show makers are earning sure the sport is loaded with lots of twists and turns. Inside a recent episode, we’ve observed how all of the housemates switched against Balaji and Suchi by nominating them for jail.

While you are all aware, the nomination process continues to be completed in the Bigg Boss house in Monday’s episode. Now, seven people happen to be nominated to go out. The nominated contestants are Anitha, Somshekar, Suchitra, Samyuktha, Balaji, Rio, and Aari. Based on reliable sources, Anitha and Suchitra have been in the risk zone one amongst both of these contestants’ journey in Bigg Boss house can come for an finish this Sunday. If it’s double elimination, both of these people could bid goodbye towards the show. However, Balaji, Samyuktha, Somshekar, Rio, and Aari are viewed to possess joined a secure zone.

If you’re eagerly awaiting tonight’s episode, this news is perfect for you. Who definitely are the following captain of the home is not yet been known in tonight’s episode. Six people, including Archana, Rio, Gabriella, Som, Aari, and Nisha, are battling one another. Based on reliable sources, Rio may be the new captain of the home. He’s protected from eviction in a few days because he can’t be nominated because of his captaincy. Let’s wait watching the way the occasions unfold in tonight’s episode.

Suchithra and Balaji have been in jail and can’t participate most of the tasks throughout a few days.

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