Brie Larson’s Dating History: Exploring Her Relationship Status!

by Moore Martin

Brie Larson’s Dating History

In this article, we aim to provide comprehensive information about Brie Larson, a subject of considerable interest on the internet. While delving into the details of Brie Larson’s life, we will also explore her dating history, a topic that has been generating significant online buzz. So, for our readers, we have compiled valuable insights into Brie Larson in this piece. Additionally, we will shed light on her dating experiences, which the public is eagerly seeking to discover. Continue reading to gain a deeper understanding.

Brie Larson’s Dating Journey

Brie Larson’s career commenced with supporting roles in comedies, but she has since evolved, securing prominent roles in independent films and emerging as the extraterrestrial superhero Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers in “The Marvels.” Despite her thriving acting career, the 34-year-old actress is known for her private nature, seldom divulging details about her personal life to the public or media. Consequently, the public is privy to only a handful of the actress’s relationships.

One notable public romance was with actor Cody Linley, who is best known for his role as Jake Ryan in the television series “Hannah Montana.” Larson and Linley dated for approximately a year between 2006 and 2007, marking one of her earliest romantic involvements in the public eye.

In 2008, Brie Larson began dating musician and actor John Patrick Amedori, recognized for his roles in films like “Dear White People,” “Hindsight,” and “The Vatican Tapes.” Their relationship endured for four years before concluding in 2012, though the reasons behind their breakup remain undisclosed.

Larson’s most enduring romantic association was with Alex Greenwald, the lead singer of the California rock band Phantom Planet. Their relationship began in 2013 and culminated with a proposal from Greenwald during a Tokyo vacation in May 2016. They remained engaged for three years before parting ways in January 2019. An insider reported to People that the couple had taken a break but maintained a close connection following their engagement’s conclusion.

Six months after her separation from Greenwald, Larson was seen sharing a kiss with Emmy-winning filmmaker Elijah Allan-Blitz in July 2019, marking her latest known romantic involvement.

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