Carlton Thompson Passes Away: What Really Happened to Carlton Thompson?

by Moore Martin

Carlton Thompson Passes Away

In the world of college sports, there are fans, and then there are legends. Carlton Thompson, affectionately known as Gamecock Jesus, was undoubtedly one such legend. His recent passing at the age of 70 has left a profound void in the hearts of Gamecock nation. In this article, we will explore the life, impact, and legacy of Carlton Thompson, shedding light on who he was, what happened to him, and how he left an indelible mark on the University of South Carolina community.

Who was Carlton Thompson?

Carlton Thompson, fondly known as Gamecock Jesus, was a dedicated superfan of the University of South Carolina Gamecocks sports teams. With his long hair, distinctive beard, and unwavering passion, he became a local celebrity and a symbol of joy for Gamecock fans. His infectious spirit and spirited cheers at games made him an integral part of the community.

Despite his distinctive appearance, Thompson’s kindness and dedication shone through. He was not just a fan; he was a source of inspiration and positivity for all those who had the pleasure of knowing him.

What Happened to Carlton Thompson?

Gamecock Jesus battled prostate cancer for the last year of his life. Despite this challenging journey, his positivity and dedication to supporting the Gamecocks remained unwavering. His iconic presence in the stands, adorned with his Gamecock flag, was a fixture at USC sporting events. His absence leaves an irreplaceable void in the hearts of fans.

How Did Carlton Thompson Die?

While the University of South Carolina Athletics Department did not provide specific details about his passing, they expressed their love for him and how much he loved supporting the Gamecocks. His spirited presence at basketball games and other athletic events was a testament to his decades-long dedication to the team.

Carlton Thompson Obituary

In loving memory of Carlton Thompson, Gamecock Jesus, who peacefully passed away at the age of 70. A devoted superfan, his infectious spirit and unwavering passion for Gamecock athletics made him a cherished figure in the hearts of fans for over five decades.

Thompson, known for his iconic smile, distinctive beard, and spirited cheers at games, became a symbol of joy for the Gamecock nation. Battling prostate cancer with courage, he leaves behind a legacy of faith, generosity, and care.

Thompson’s absence will be deeply felt, but his memory will forever live on in the Gamecock community’s hearts. Funeral arrangements are being handled by Shives Funeral Home. Rest in peace, Gamecock Jesus.

Carlton Thompson Passes Away – FAQs

1. Who was Carlton Thompson, and why was he known as Gamecock Jesus? Carlton Thompson was a devoted Gamecock superfan recognized for his decades-long passion for Gamecock athletics, affectionately known as Gamecock Jesus due to his distinctive appearance and spirited support.

2. What was the cause of Carlton Thompson’s passing? Carlton Thompson battled prostate cancer for the last year, and his passing was attributed to complications related to this aggressive form of cancer.

3. How did Carlton Thompson impact the Gamecock community? Thompson’s infectious spirit, iconic presence at games, and unwavering support for various sports teams made him a beloved figure, leaving a lasting impact on the Gamecock community.

4. What was his role during the 2017 women’s basketball championship, and how did fans support him? In 2017, a Go Fund Me campaign was initiated by a junior at the university to send Thompson to the women’s basketball championship in Phoenix, Arizona. Fans raised over $5,400 within 24 hours to ensure he could attend, and USC went on to win the national championship.

5. How did the Gamecock Athletics Department honor Carlton Thompson after his passing? The department posted a tribute on social media, stating that “Gamecock Jesus” now has the “best seat in the house.” They also shared a montage of images highlighting his presence at various games.

In conclusion, Carlton Thompson, Gamecock Jesus, may have left us, but his legacy of passion, kindness, and unwavering support for the University of South Carolina Gamecocks will forever remain in the hearts of fans. His iconic presence and infectious spirit will continue to inspire generations of Gamecock enthusiasts.

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