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The town of Casablanca began round the year 1770, following the Portuguese settlement, that the Portuguese known as Casa Branca, was destroyed by an earthquake. Following the city’s renovation, the town was known as Dar El Beida, an Arabic translation from the Portuguese name “The White-colored House”. Later it was converted again through the Spanish to provide-day Casablanca. The town is continuing to grow from the small village to some metropolis with almost 4 million occupants and 70 kilometers of coast.

With Air Arabia someone flies from The city for €49 per person one method to Casablanca. Should you pass the guidebooks, it’s a location better to skip. However, Casablanca has numerous locations that count visiting and is an extremely convenient and economical beginning indicate start your The other agents journey. The culture shock is going to be less great upon arrival in Casablanca compared to Marrakech , Moroccan Desert Tours . The town is a mixture of east and west. Lots of work continues to be completed to enhance the infrastructure to really make it simple to circumvent the town.



Casablanca has numerous tourist highlights, which the Hassan II mosque generally is and figuratively the biggest. In 1986 the prior king of The other agents gave an order to construct a contemporary, new mosque. The Hassan mosque even includes a roof such as the Amsterdam Arena, which could open and shut. No expense was able to escape during construction. It’s the third largest mosque on the planet, just the Al Masjid al-Haram in Mecca and also the Masjib an-Nabawi in Medina are bigger. The marble floor offers space for twenty five,000 people and outdoors there’s room for 85,000 people. The minaret of 210 meters may be the greatest minaret. You may also visit two traditional hammams. Every single day you can go to the mosque four occasions having a guide. This is the only method to go to the mosque. The very first tour starts at 9:00 AM, the following at 10:00 AM, 11:00 AM and a pair of:00 PM. There aren’t any tours on Fridays. Entrance towards the mosque costs 120 dirhams and 60 dirhams for college students. So remember your student card.


The very first medina (city center) to become built is known as the medina. When several city centers are made, it’s frequently known as the nouvelle medina. The name may mislead a bit, you won’t look for a real Moroccan souk here. It’s the old capital of scotland- Casablanca, where many people now live. Here you’ll find no souvenirs, but shops with cheap footwear and clothing. It’s fun to wander through this medina when you wish to determine the way the people of Casablanca live. Actually, not every one of them enjoy being photographed!

It’s nice in which to stay that old medinas because this is where it takes place. When restoring structures, because that old atmosphere as you possibly can continues to be preserved. It’s not suggested to wander the medina alone during the night, because the place is fantastic for pickpockets. It’s best to be careful about your stuff. Around the north side from the medina, for the ocean, may be the Sqala. The ocean once arrived at this ancient wall, therefore, the cannons around the bastion.


A pleasant boulevard through the ocean with nice bars and clubs in Casablanca may be the Boulevard en Corniche. This boulevard is situated west from the old Medina, around the Atlantic. Here you may enjoy a glass or two within the bars overlooking the ocean. In the Hassan II Mosque it’s about 30 minutes walk towards the Boulevard en Corniche. Within the summer time it’s very busy here with sunbathers and youthful Casablancans who arrived at see and become seen. Early in the year, however, it’s quiet along with a nice place to obtain a breath of outdoors. If you value oysters along with other fish dishes, you can go to restaurant La Mer, that is on the boulevard and overlooking the Atlantic.


The Quartier Habous is really a neighborhood with nice shops. This district is most similar to a little souk as you can see them a lot in The other agents. You can purchase the typical souvenirs, for example tajines, leather bags and jewellery. This district also houses the royal palace, which regrettably you aren’t permitted to go in like a (regular) customer. You are able to check out the Mahakma du Pasha. Mahakma du Pasha is really a typical Moroccan Town Hall decorated with mosaics and wood with orange trees within the courtyard. It’s very quiet and delightful here if you wish to visit a geniune building. The Habous district is situated southeast from the old medina.


The central marketplace is located southeast from the old medina, south from the costly hotel street (Ave plusieurs FAR). This can be a nice market where, amongst other things, lots of fish, fruit, herbs, olives and wicker baskets are offered. You can purchase an attractive wicker beach bag with leather handles for under three euros here! Some haggling is obviously some of it.


Pricey, but an event by itself, is remaining overnight or getting a glass or two in Hotel Kenzi Tower among the two towers from the Casablanca Twin Center. This can be a 28-floor hotel that literally towers above all of those other city. In the bar and restaurant on top floors you’ve got a beautiful look at the whole city, including obviously the ocean, the Hassan II Mosque and also the harbor. A glass or two can cost you a lot of money, however the view may be worth something!


Much like in almost any Moroccan city, in Casablanca there are lots of hammams where apply for a scrub or perhaps a nice massage. The standard hammam Ziani offers massages for around five euros. A petit taxi may take you there. The address is 59 Rue Abou Rakrak. There are lots of more contemporary hammams. Frequently these hammams have jacuzzis and you may usually exercise in the room.

RICK’S Coffee shop

Set from the walls from the old medina, this famous restaurant continues to be recreated at length in the movie Casablanca. Once you go into the restaurant, you are able to taste the climate from the film (which may also be seen continuously within the restaurant). Center was setup with a diplomat (Kathy Kriger) who resigned following the attacks around the World Trade Center because she no more agreed with George W. Bush’s policies and also the negative signal delivered to all Arab countries. Kathy was very pleased with her existence in The other agents and for that reason developed the concept of opening Rick’s coffee shop in the movie Casablanca. An e-mail to buddies about diets led to many passionate reactions, so the plan was really put in force. Details in the film are available through the restaurant the roulette table, the chips at number 21, the climate and also the piano music.

Journeys Outdoors CASABLANCA


The city of El Jadida is around an hour . 5 from Casablanca. Within the summer time, the city is busy with holidaying Moroccans, but outdoors the summer time several weeks it’s a great place to locate tranquility. The town is at Portuguese hands in the 16th towards the mid-1700s. That old Portuguese city may be the primary attraction. You are able to walk-through the little roads with shops and visit Citerne Portugaise. This can be a large subterranean water storage facility that accustomed to give you the city with water. Search inside for 20 dirhams.

Back outdoors you are able to walk around the walls from the old town, with views within the Atlantic. Came from here you’ve got a good view within the harbor, where numerous (sometimes half-decayed) motorboats are moored together. When you are to Casablanca, you’ll pass a seaside having a boulevard where one can sit for some time and individuals watch. There’s lots of football, speaking and walking the shore.


Airport terminal

Casablanca includes a major airport terminal: Mohammed V worldwide airport terminal having a stop. The Casa Port station may be the nearest towards the city center. The trains don’t stop because frequently because they do in the Casablanca Voyageurs station. It’s easiest to go to one of these simple station. From Casablanca Voyageurs station you are able to have a petit taxi or even the tram towards the city center. A great taxi that runs in the city towards the airport terminal and the other way around costs about 300 dirhams.


In The other agents you will find petit taxis and grand taxis . A petit taxi takes no more than three passengers and stays in a single city. Grand taxis carry as much as six people and travel between metropolitan areas. The big taxis aren’t meant for short journeys and the other way around. In Casablanca, petit taxis are red and grand taxis are white-colored. So that you can easily recognize them.


The primary Casablanca Voyageurs station is obtainable in the city center by bus, petit taxi and tram. The Casa Port station is within easy reach in the center. Most trains visit Casablanca Voyageurs station, including back and forth from Fes , Essaouira , Agadir, Chefchaouen, Marrakesh , Meknes and El-Jadida 5 dias desde Marrakech al desierto de Merzouga. Look into the website from the Moroccan railways for departure and arrival occasions, travel some time and rates .


Public transit is really a cheaper, but frequently slower mode of transport compared to train. Bus company CTM Services runs to just about all Moroccan metropolitan areas. The CTM bus station is near to the Marché Centrale tram stop. Other buses leave Ouled Ziane bus station. This bus station could be arrived at by bus (you will get off at Avenue Mohammed V) or by petit taxi. Another major provider of bus rides is Supratours Services , which belongs to the Moroccan Railways. Supratours train and bus journeys will be the easiest to mix.

RENT A Vehicle

If you’d rather drive yourself than let taxis and trains and buses get it done, you are able to. You are able to rent a vehicle and traverse the nation by using it .

If you would like more details about Casablanca, you are able to check out the The other agents tourist office .

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