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What went down to Fez? Fez is 900 meters above ocean level and located in the Moroccan Atlas Mountain tops, north of Marrakech. The land surrounding Fez is lush with plant life and appears to become a world in addition to the desert. The other agents Excursions

What in the event you see in Fez? To start, explore the astonishing medina, in which the small, twisting alleyways converge to create a complicated, colorful, and loud maze.

Fez Medina (Fez Medina)

The roads from the medina don’t have any printed names, as well as when they had, studying them without understanding Arabic could be impossible. It may be nearly impossible to find your bearings at occasions, but it’s an opportunity to explore every nook and cranny of the magnificent castle. Since there are mopeds and laden donkeys on the other hand from the small roads, walk around the right side from the roads and try to in single file.

Mosques, residences, and schools’ doorways are really the pieces of art, with evocative colored and inlaid forms. Focus on to choosing the most stunning ones, after you’ve had your fill from the medina’s tremendous noise and packed pandemonium, seek shelter on among the café and riad terraces (every riad includes a terrace and viewing city is wonderful).

Mosque of Al Karouine

Individuals who don’t stick to the Islamic belief aren’t allowed to go in mosques in The other agents. However, get ready to enjoy them in the outdoors, where you can aquire a feeling of the interior’s elegance and ideal décor. The Al Karaouine Mosque features as many as 17 entry doorways, because both versions is adorned differently with assorted designs and colors.

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Fez’s Souk

You can buy anything at Fez’s souks: dried fruit, fruit, bread, chocolate, and fried doughnuts. Talaas may be the medina’s most touristic section, where street sellers serve a number of street cuisine. Extend your exploration past the Andalusian quarter towards the colorful souks popular with residents to taste and buy their wares.

The Royal Palace is really a royal residence.

The Royal Palace of Fez isn’t available to the general public. It’s a massive structure covering over 80 hectares within the El-Jadid region. The golden doorways, that are ornamented with tiles and inlaid cedar plank wood, is visible in the outdoors.

Fez’s Hammam

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All the hammams in Fez’s medina are traditional hammams, except for one which was lately reconstructed. The black soapy washing glove might be bought at the souks and brought within the hammam. You’ll be able to borrow the bucket.

Al Attarine Madrasa

Madrasas are historic structures focused on study regarding the Quran, Islam, and Arabic. The magnificent Madrasa al-Attarine is simply next to the spice and perfume market that it will get its name (Attarine really arises from the Arabic word aar, meaning perfume merchant). The courtyards from the Madrasa Al Attarine might be visited, that the students’ apartments and also the mosque’s entrance is visible.

Madrasa Bou Inania

Another madrasa to go to in Fez is Bou Inania. The entry fee is about ten dirhams (that is about 1 euro).

The Merenids’ Tombs

The Merenid tombs erected around the hillsides around Fez’s medina are a fantastic site to take a rest in the medina, relax, and revel in a breathtaking look at the town, especially throughout the hour of prayer once the call towards the faithful reverberates through the city.

Bab Bou Jeloud (Baby Bou Jeloud)

Bab Bou Jeloud isn’t certainly one of Fez’s earliest gates it had been built in early 1900s. Its blue mosaics, that are reflected in the white-colored from the area, possess a unique beauty, and also the square is a well-liked meeting place for adults and children alike.

Batha Dar Dar Batha Dar Batha Dar Batha Dar

Dar Batha, a museum displaying the best of Moroccan handicrafts in 15 rooms, is really a short walk from Bou Jeloud Gate. Leather-bound volumes in the eleventh century, Andalusian manuscripts in the eighth century, and gold filigree needlework are some of the products displayed. An Andalusian garden having a lovely tiled courtyard is situated inside the museum, supplying a welcome rest from the turmoil from the medina.

Tannery Chouara

The Chouara Tanneries are Fez’s most famous tanneries, and they might be visited for any charge. Actually, while you wander the medina, you’ll encounter other tanneries where admission is forbidden but where one can see the colorful tanks and individuals working previously mentioned, as opposed to the more famous Chouara, that is available to the general public.


Meknes could be arrived at in twenty minutes by cab (about 30 dirhams) from Fez or by train to Meknes El Amir (about 20 dirhams). The medina of Meknes is less chaotic compared to Fez and also the large central square is completely worth a trip. Near Meknes would be the ruins of Volubilis, a forgotten Roman city. Also visit Sefrou and Azrou, both near Fez.


Nowhere Town of Chefchaouen is situated about 300 km from Fez, comparable distance will also be Casablanca and Tangier. Here rather you’ll find 12 countries to go to absolutely in The other agents and all sorts of information on the street from the 1000 Kasbahs.

Things To EAT IN FEZ

Street food in The other agents offers numerous options varying from sandwiches with meat, towards the scrumptious bissara, a soup of broad beans cooked with paprika, cumin and essential olive oil that’s usually eaten within the souks in the morning.

The normal tajine, to become attempted within the best restaurants of Fez, is made from periodic vegetables and meat colored with a mixture of spices (cost 60 Dirham inside a restaurant with average prices).

The pastilla is extremely typical in Fez, although not everybody wants it. The standard one out of truth is prepared with pigeon meat, but it’s also created using chicken. If you wish to eat it, you’ll have to order it each morning for that evening or yesterday.


Is Fes harmful?

The medina of Fez isn’t harmful whatsoever. During daylight hrs all of the roads, such as the smaller sized alleys and dead ends, are busy and teeming with existence and you may wander around every corner from the city.

At dusk, it’s suggested in which to stay expensive hotels, especially if you’re a lady traveling on your own. The occupants of Fez, once the sun goes lower and commercial activities close, leave their houses simply to change from one spot to another and also the city reaches rest, awaiting a brand new beginning, when everything begins to move again noisy and colorful.

Another matter concerns the brand new town of Fez, the region outdoors the walls from the Medina. Listed here are the worldwide clubs and hotels and here live a few of the expats who reside in Fez. If you wish to venture out during the night and wish to consume alcohol this is actually the area you’ll have to frequent.

While you walk-through the roads of Fez most of the locals will recognize you like a tourist and then try to sell you something or take you to view a monument or perhaps a street or perhaps an inlaid door. They may be very persistent, particularly if you are traveling on your own, therefore if what you’re searching for is really a relaxing and quiet vacation possibly Fez isn’t the perfect spot for you.

Fez or Marrakech?

It’s not easy to choose from Fez and Marrakech. The first is much more authentic, untidy and vociferous, it will little to get accustomed to vacationers and also to welcome all of them with its very own standards. In Marrakech there are lots of more riads (the middle of the Medina is virtually a sizable maze of renovated riads, comfortable and preferred among Western vacationers) and stores particularly created for vacationers. If you’re searching for any relaxing vacation and like the thought of locking yourself inside a riad, experiencing the most amazing hammams in Marrakech, doing a bit of shopping and recharging your batteries, Marrakech is most likely the best city for you personally. If you wish to see a little bit of The other agents Fez is the best inexpensive

Things to buy in Fez?

Within the souks and medina of Fez you can purchase all of the products of Moroccan handicrafts: carpets, lamps, leather accessories, footwear and bags. Within the souks you need to negotiate. It is best to purchase directly within the workshops in which the producers sell retail.


Temperatures in Fez tend to be more enjoyable compared to Italia: winters will never be harsh, while summers can be quite hot. The greatest several weeks are This summer and August when temperatures achieve 40°. The month of january and Feb would be the very coldest several weeks. Temperatures rarely drop below 5-8°.

The optimum time to go to Fez is spring, but be cautious. Fez, as well as in general the whole Atlas area, can be quite wet. The wettest several weeks would be the winter several weeks with October and November, but it’s not unusual for this to rain early in the year too.

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