Chhindwara MP Election Result 2023: Congress Stalwart Kamal Nath And Current MLA

by Moore Martin

Chhindwara MP Election Result 2023

In this article, we will delve into the Chhindwara MP election results of 2023, a topic of great interest among the public. People are eagerly searching for information about the Chhindwara MP election results and are equally keen on receiving live updates, given that news about it is spreading like wildfire across the internet. So, let’s provide our readers with comprehensive insights into the Chhindwara MP election result and its real-time updates.

Understanding Chhindwara MP Election Result 2023

Kamal Nath’s Bid for Re-Election

As the ballots were tallied on December 3, incumbent MLA Kamal Nath was on the edge of his seat, hoping to maintain the family stronghold of Chhindwara. His formidable opponent, BJP’s Vivek Bunty Sahu, posed a significant challenge. Their previous face-off in 2019 saw Nath narrowly prevailing by a margin of just 25,000 votes. Before the vote-counting began, Nakul Kamal Nath, the son of the former chief minister and the current Lok Sabha MP from Chhindwara, sought blessings at the Simaria Hanuman temple in Chhindwara.

He fervently prayed, “May Lord Hanuman continue to bless the people of Madhya Pradesh,” and implored for Kamal Nathji’s victory. He expressed optimism about securing a majority in their government. Throughout the campaign, he noticed that people were yearning for change and were inclined to vote for Congress and support Kamal Nathji. The final results would bring more clarity. Meanwhile, jubilant celebrations erupted at the BJP headquarters in Bhopal, contrasting with the deserted Congress office following the saffron party’s decisive victory in Madhya Pradesh.

Current Scenario

As per the latest updates, Congress has gained one seat and leads in 60 constituencies. In the Chhindwara seat, Kamal Nath of the Congress party is leading BJP opponent Vivek Bunty Sahu by a significant margin of 28,659 votes. This suggests a favorable outcome for the Congress party in this constituency. Based on the ongoing trends in the state assembly election vote counting, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) appears poised to maintain its hold on power in Madhya Pradesh. The BJP was leading in 155 of the 230 seats, while the Congress was leading in 63, according to the most recent data from the Election Commission.

Kamal Nath’s Lead

In a noteworthy development, Kamal Nath of the Congress is leading in Chhindwara with a substantial lead, securing 94,845 votes. This puts him ahead of the BJP’s Vivek Bunty Sahu, who trails with 23,107 votes. The gap in vote count indicates a strong showing by Kamal Nath in the region.


The Chhindwara MP election result of 2023 has brought with it its fair share of excitement and anticipation. With Kamal Nath’s lead in Chhindwara and the BJP’s overall performance in the state, Madhya Pradesh’s political landscape is evolving. As the final results unfold, the future of the state’s governance will become clearer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is Kamal Nath?

    Kamal Nath is a senior Congressman and former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. He contested in the 2023 Chhindwara MP election.

  2. What was the margin of victory in Kamal Nath’s previous election in 2019?

    Kamal Nath narrowly won the 2019 election by a margin of 25,000 votes.

  3. How is the Congress party performing in the overall state assembly election?

    As per the latest data, Congress is leading in 63 out of 230 seats in Madhya Pradesh.

  4. What is the significance of Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh politics?

    Chhindwara is considered a family stronghold for Kamal Nath, and its election results often hold symbolic importance.

  5. Where can I get live updates on the Chhindwara MP election result?

    You can stay updated with real-time information on news websites and official election commission platforms.

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