Choose Perfect Gifts for Mother’s and Father’s Days

by Carter Toni

What is a parent of Mother’s and Father’s Days? Believe it or not, the answer to this question involves a bit of punning. The English language has cosmic dimensions and the beauty of stars. The parents of Mother’s and Father’s Days are parents! You don’t need to be a cosmic thinker to guess the answer. For each one of us, our parents lay the origin of coordinates, the beginning of the story of our lives. You must cherish your mom and dad with tender care and profound love at all times. But on the eve of Mother’s and Father’s Days, you ought to apply materialistic philosophy. Simply put, lavish gifts on them. This task is easily attainable even if you are busy as a beaver. In a very short time, you can surf a handful of web stores and buy things cost-efficiently with the help of coupon codes.

The Origins of the Mother’s Day

We strongly believe that the message we are going to convey in the next sentence won’t raise a single speck of doubt. Mother’s Day radiates a profound sentimental appeal. By the way, this is exactly the idea that will make you search every nook and cranny of Shutterfly’s print store to customize just a perfect gift for your mom and strike just a brilliant bargain with the assistance of Shutterfly’s promo codes along the way. But we will get to it a bit later. Let’s get back to our odyssey of a discourse…

A man fathers a child. But it is a woman who gives birth to a child. It is the word “mommy” that you are likely to hear your child utter as his or her first one. Sleepless nights and constant worries have turned your mom into a jittering ball of nerves. Yet whenever asked whether the effort is worth it, she would always say a loud and clear “Yes!”.

Mother’s Day was first celebrated somewhere in the 1860s. It was then dubbed the Mother’s Work Days and was dedicated to honoring the mothers of Confederate and Union soldiers. Half a century passed by. In 1914, thanks to President Woodrow Wilson, the second Sunday in May became a day when we honor “that tender, gentle army, the mothers of America”.

This is How You Can Wow Even the Pickiest Gift Giver on the Mother’s Day

It doesn’t have to be something of immense material value. But it should be heart-touching for sure. It should be something that moves on an emotional level. Even a thing as banal as a pillow could have an emotional appeal. All you need to do is to rummage through your photo gallery, pick a lively, memorable photo of your mom and yourself and have it printed. Shutterfly could do the job.

If you feel that is something that should be complemented by some other gifting items, you are not wrong. A simple photo frame might look like you are trying to save money. Why not create a fun and happy environment by throwing in some funny t shirts for mom. Not only she, but everyone is sure to have a good laugh and this can become something that will truly be memorable.

The job could be also done in a bit complementary way with the help of Shutterfly’s promo codes and not just on a pillow. This print web store allows you to customize mugs, phone cases, water bottles, puzzles, mousepads, blankets, and pillows, as well as create photo books, framed prints, photo tiles, and canvas prints. You are a grown child who has left the nest and started a family of your own. And those tiny things, from a cute coffee mug to a piece of wall art, could fulfill your mom’s sentimental longing for the honey-sweet times when you were just a little child living your placid life under her protective wing.

The Origins of the Father’s Day

Do you know how many men in the United States are making the best of their talents so that their kids have everything they need? Give or take, it is 70 million fathers that are now shouldering the awesome responsibility of providing for their families.

The very first time that the citizens of the United States celebrated Father’s Day was on June 19, 1910. But it was not until 1972 that Father’s Day become a nationwide holiday. And it is our civil, sacred duty to cherish the tradition.

Gifts for Father's day

Dads Love Strictly Practical Stuff as Much as They Are Passionate about Things That Merely Exist

What kind of a gift could possibly be of higher value than the one skillfully made by hand? Not daring to undervalue what artisans make by hand, we cannot but admit that what today’s high-precision machines of 3D printers are capable of is truly awe-inspiring. Just a peek at printable objects at, let’s say, MyMiniFactory will let you gain an insight into the power of 3D printing. And you had better keep your 3D printer away from the screen if you have one.

Each model, be it a sci-fi battle machine, a futuristic alien, or the Game of Thornes dragon, is so detailed that your printer may go grey at the sight of it. All those detailed miniatures could be the proper articles of embellishment for your dad’s office, workshop, or bedroom. They do nothing but exist. They just are. They are brought into being to please an eye.

Let’s recur to a brilliant idea we outlined in the beginning. Your parents long for your care and love. Even an occasional, banal how-is-it-going call once a week could spark off liveliness and infinite tenderness. Yet a memorable material product, especially the one you could customize or even design yourself from the scratch, is an ideal add-on to stir the sweet memories of the good old days.

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