Clean and Polished Floors: The Crowning Glory of Your Homes

by Carter Toni

Start looking inside your homes. Drastic changes in the way people live today are apparent. People now are more cautious, healthy, and clean conscious, making the floors the top priority of every household.

We asked local flooring artisans with Chicago epoxy floors to share their thoughts. Here are factors that make clean and sanitary flooring a home’s crowning glory:

  • Polished floors bring health benefits to your residential and commercial spaces
  • Clean, shiny floors with epoxy coating seal the surface to prevent bacteria build-up
  • Floors that shine due to resin application gives a natural source of light into a room
  • Adding a polished flooring that shines is good for the mind

Why Epoxy Polished Floors are Good for Homes?

Indeed, there are tons of beneficial results with creating epoxy-enhanced floors. It’s better to look at the reasons why epoxy and a Polished concrete Kansas city is a superb addition to a healthy and safe home.

There are five.

1- Epoxy and Polished Concrete for Non-slip Floors

This first reason is often undermined. But once you put to the top of your list a slip-free flooring, you’ll be amazed by how it can drastically change your household. It is in terms of safety, of course.

Safety is first found at your home’s foundation—a stable building and durable footings that do not cause slip accidents. Epoxy and polishing help keeps the floors in perfect and safe condition.

2-Sanitary and Safe Spaces Starts at Home

During these times, post-pandemic, people often stay at home, and if you are not careful, you can bring all sorts of diseases inside. Suddenly you hear your child sneezing, coughing, and breathing with difficulty. Although panic is helpful when you want to ensure safety, you do not have to worry. Get into the action right away and see if the floors are in good shape.

Lest worries will turn to relief when you find that the actual virus at home is damaged concrete. Asthma is a common illness that starts at home. This is due to the dust gathered and crumbs of cement that usually hide under carpets and mats.

If you polish and seal the floors with concrete coatings, you will no longer worry about putting mats. Now your polished floors will take care of a dust-free and VOC-free surface.

3- COVID-Proof Homes

Want a COVID-proof household? Begin on the floors. Unpolished concrete will attract more germs and viruses compared to polished and sealed ones.

You can notice local hospitals got this shiny, glossy flooring? It’s epoxy. Experts of Miami epoxy flooring ensure that their clients from clinics and hospitals receive the best of this type of material.

You can achieve hospital-standard spaces at home by using epoxy for your kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways. The coated floor becomes easy to clean, giving no time for germs and first to breed on the surface.

4- Floors for Your Furry Friends

Another reason to epoxy for homes is that it is pet-friendly. Mats and carpets will often gather the pet’s furs. Making it hard to clean after some time. That scenario puts you off. When that’s how you feel when you force your animals to stay outside.

Also, unsealed concrete with carpets will encourage ticks and fleas to be used as breeding grounds. That is also why some pets get ill from parasites. Replace those rugs and carpetings with epoxy flooring instead. No more fleas and say yes to furry friends inside the house from now on.

5- Well Lighted Floors for Wellness

Lastly, as soon as you get your physical health effects from polished epoxy concrete. You will also reap its advantages for your mind. Well-lighted hoes induce positive energy. Compare it to before when you have dim lights, enclosed windows with no light coming in. There is no natural air flowing inside, and the dim lights make someone feel gloomy.

Light up your homes like a true crown. And utilize the sun’s reflection from the ground with floorings finished with epoxy.

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