Countries That You Can visit with a valid USA Visa

by James Martin

While a US Visa may not always be easy to get but, once you do get it, it does open doors to way more countries than just the US. If you have a valid US visa, you should be able to visit around 40 different countries without having to acquire a different visa for each.


Before you start planning your trip, though, do check with the visa offices to find out whether the country you are going to visit still accepts USA tourist visa. Now, without further ado, here’s a list of a few of the beautiful countries you can visit when you have a US visa:


  1. Malaysia


If you are a foodie or a nature enthusiast, Malaysia will welcome you with open arms. From boasting of miles of emerald green forests to being home to the largest flower in the world i.e. the Rafflesia, Malaysia is a nature adorer’s heaven. And, of course, the million textures and flavors of gastronomic delights available here attract their own hosts of fans every year.


  1. Oman


The sheer delectability of Omani food aside, the Grand Mosque of Muscat is definitely something you should behold at least once in your lifetime.


  1. Philippines


From rolling rice terraces to the endlessly clear waters, the Philippines is all about emerald greens and breaths of fresh air.


  1. South Korea


Whether you are a history buff, culture enthusiast, foodie, or just a seasoned traveler, South Korea is not a country you should skip. From kimchi, delectable Korean bbq, to K-Pop, Korea is home to food and media that has been rocking the world for the past decade and definitely is a must-visit for everyone.


  1. Singapore

Singapore is a cultural melting point. This makes it one of the biggest hubs of cultural and gastronomic delights in Asia and should definitely be near the top of every traveler’s list.


  1. Qatar


Qatar has always been well known for its desert safaris. But recently it also gathered fame as the land of brunches bottomless mimosas. So, whether you are a foodie or just looking to go on the safari of a lifetime, Qatar is definitely worth a visit or two.


  1. Taiwan


There are definitely a hundred and one reasons to visit Taiwan but it is mostly famous for its many beautiful temples and the thriving night market culture.


  1. Montenegro


If you are looking to visit picturesque mountains and laze at some shining gold beaches, Montenegro is definitely a great option. The country is also home to Kotor — which is a UNESCO site that boasts of beaches, mountains, and a range of eclectic houses.


  1. Dubai


The land of dunes, golden sun, and delectable gastronomic delights also boasts of the world’s largest mall and the tallest building. The thriving markets full of spices and nifty little trinkets have their own fan following too, making Dubai one of the best places to visit if you have a US visa.


  1. Albania


There is a reason Albania is referred to as one of Europe’s preciously hidden gems. From ancient and awe-inspiring fortresses to sprawling castles and towns where time comes to a standstill, Albania has much to offer, and then some.


Other than the places on this list, a valid US visa will also give you access to Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Turkey, Serbia, Honduras, Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Nicaragua, Antigua and Barbuda, Cuba, Aruba, British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Curacao, Bonaire, Saint Martin, The Dominican Republic, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Bermuda, Colombia, São Tomé and Príncipe, Turks and Caicos Islands, and the Cayman Islands.







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