Crane Truck Hire: 3 Melbourne Industries That Would Benefit and Why!

by Glenn Maxwell

3 Melbourne Industries

Various Australian industries need to use a crane truck to make light work of lifting and transporting heavy loads from A to B. Investing in this type of machinery could set you back financially, especially if you only need to use it on an ad hoc basis. Exploring the availability of crane hire Melbourne haulage companies have to offer is an economically viable option worth considering.

Hiring crane trucks have many benefits if you’re in the agricultural, construction or freight and shipping sector. If you’re tossing up between buying or hiring this type of heavy equipment for your business or project, read on to find out more. We’ve listed all the reasons you should consider hiring over purchasing for your particular industry.

Crane Truck Hire: 3 Industries That Would Benefit and Why

Purchasing a crane truck is a huge investment costing anything between $10,000 and $200,000 depending on whether you’re getting secondhand or new. Owning a crane truck also means you need to factor in maintenance and repair costs plus keep a competent vehicle loading crane operator on your payroll.

These costs make sense if you’re using the crane truck on a regular basis and your business is equipped to handle a fleet of vehicles. But, what if you only need to occasionally use a crane truck on some projects and you don’t want the responsibility that goes with owning this vehicle? Hiring crane trucks makes financial sense as well as having many other benefits.

1. The Agriculture Sector

Loading and moving heavy farming equipment is easier with the right haulage equipment. The crane lorry is a functional piece of machinery equipped with an operational boom arm behind the operator’s cab. Various attachments such as hooks, slings and grab buckets can be attached to the arm allowing different items to be loaded safely onto the bed of the truck.

The benefits of using a crane truck in the agricultural industry include:

  • Loading and transporting heavy machinery such as combine harvesters from one place to another.
  • Lifting broken-down vehicles such as tractors and transporting them to a garage for repairs.
  • Moving heavy tools or large equipment without having to disassemble them.

Accessing sandy areas is far easier and safer when using a crane truck, making them more versatile for agricultural land that’s not stable enough for setting up a conventional crane. Hiring a crane lorry makes sense when you only need to use it during harvesting season or for the infrequent tractor breakdown or moving of heavy equipment.

2. The Freight and Shipping Industry

Forking out huge expenses for equipment such as crane trucks may not be possible when you’re setting up a new freighting and shipping business. Using the services of crane truck hire with a reputable transport and logistics company is an economically and feasible solution. The other benefits include:

  • Lifting, loading and transporting shipping containers of all sizes from your warehouse to ports.
  • Loading heavy goods or large cargo straight from the truck onto ships.
  • Not being responsible for the repairs and maintenance of the vehicle which is often part of the hire agreement.

Most hire companies also include the services of a trained operator, saving you the cost of keeping a driver on your payroll. Hiring crane lorries are useful for freighters who handle all load sizes and only occasionally need to haul large shipping containers.

3. The Construction Sector

Cranes and crane trucks play a vital role in the construction and building sector. They’re designed to make lifting and transporting of heavy materials and equipment, safe and efficient. Crane trucks have an advantage over cranes because you can use them on rougher terrains. Other benefits include:

  • Loading and moving heavy tools, equipment and materials from one spot to another on a site or between sites.
  • The inclusion of professional operators as part of the hire agreement.
  • Repairs and maintenance are handled by the hiring company.
  • The option of picking a crane truck suitable for a certain load weight and size.
  • Versatility and maneuverability for placing goods exactly where you need them to be.
  • Accessibility of rougher terrains.

Hiring heavy machinery such as crane trucks saves you the hassle of managing your own fleet. Working with a professional transport and hire company also gives you peace of mind they’re operating within the laws and regulations of the industry—without much effort on your side.

Final Thoughts

Crane trucks are versatile and designed to be multi-functional while loading and moving heavy cargo safely and efficiently. Owning a crane truck comes with its fair share of expenses and responsibilities.

Whether you’re a farmer, a freighter or a construction project manager, the benefits of hiring often outweighs purchasing a crane lorry.

Choosing to partner with a transport and hire company lets you focus on the project on hand while giving over the care of the crane truck to someone else. If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution to using crane lorries in your industry, consider leasing rather than buying. You’ll also score from the other benefits listed in this article.

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