CTmatador Review: A Legacy Of Trust [2022]

by Glenn Maxwell

When we consider an avenue to park our savings, the most reliable option we think of can be banks. Often, banks offer us a bare minimum rate on our savings yet we choose to stay with them. Why? Because we think it’s a safe, risk-free option. Even in event of the bank defaulting, deposit protection from the government net will keep our money safe.

However, it helps to look at other options, namely: Online Trading Platforms.

Most investors are risk averse and sceptical about trading platforms. Here we introduce CTmatador

CTmatador has built a reputation solely based on customer’s trust. Trading as an independent brokerage platform for a long time, CTmatador has built up an impressive clientele.

CTmatador Values The Customer

Competition in the industry is fierce. Hence, only certain brokers are able to attract a good client base. CTmatador is on of these brokers who have built a reputation for client satisfaction.

As a broker, their prime concern is to match clients with trade assets that will offer maximum benefits. For example, for a beginner client, they recommend low risk, blue chip company stocks. Similarly, for slightly experienced traders, their recommendations include commodity and CFD trading. The objective is to educate the investor as they grow their portfolio and gain experience in the industry.

Trading Opportunities With CTmatador

CTmatador has a unique set up with over 3000 assets for investors to trade.

These assets are:

  • Traditional Assets
  • Semi-Traditional Assets
  • New Age Digital Assets

Trading Benefits With CTmatador

One great thing about choosing CTmatador is that they value client feedback. Once you start with them and are unhappy about certain things, they make sure that they integrate your suggestions into their platform.

Secondly, the trading platform is of a superior quality. In the financial trading world, speed makes a world of a difference because markets turn from good to bad and bad to worse really quick. With a trade platform built on fast execution of trades, CTmatador ensures that the client trades at an advantage always.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Most investors have questions before embarking on their trade journey with CTmatador. This section attempts to answer the most popular queries.

Is CTmatador A Safe Broker?

Yes. CTmatador offers prime security features across its trading platform to ensure the client money is never at risk. With digital ease comes the risk of data hacking. However, CTmatador has invested in a robust firewall and data encryption mechanism to ensure client security and data privacy are never breached.

Furthermore, CTmatador is legally registered as a global brokerage house. It has to comply with all major financial trading guidelines. This makes it a safe choice for investors.

Is Trading With CTmatador Expensive?

Prices and commissions do seem to be on the steep side. However, CTmatador insists that this is just a tiny cost compared to the prime security features offered to all clients regardless of trading level or deposit.

What Cryptocurrency Types Does CTmatador Offer?

CTmatador offers its clients access to all types of cryptocurrency assets. Be it veteran cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum or more recent, up and coming cryptocurrencies such as LiteCoin and Dodgecoin. CTmatador provides access to all.

Also, since all transactions are end to end encrypted, your cryptocurrency and digital wallets are safe with CTmatador.

Are There Any Hidden Fees And Charges With CTmatador?

No. CTmatador is very transparent with all its clients regarding its trading policies. CTmatador charges inactivity fees on accounts that are lying dormant. This is solely the cost of protection of client data and to encourage clients to keep their accounts active. Bank transfers and wire transfers do incur additional costs as are mentioned on their website in detail.

Closing Notes On CTmatador

In today’s digital age it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a reliable and safe brokerage house. CTmatador offers good security and is a reliable platform for investor needs. If you wish to learn more, contact CTmatador today!

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