How to deal with the after-effects of pregnancy?

by Glenn Maxwell

Pregnancy is a beautiful period, and it’s considered one of the best phases a woman goes through in her life. But let’s face it, there is a lot a woman needs to go through after her pregnancy. But with the right methods and the correct treatment, one can recover, making themselves ready to conceive again or return to their usual lives.

So, if you are looking out for all the possible ways to deal with the after-effects of pregnancy, look no further than what we have in store for you below! The list will include some of the ways of dealing with the after-effects of your pregnancy and how it affects your mind and body. So, let’s get into it!

1.     Pregnancy weight

Throughout your pregnancy, you will realize that you kind of gives in to your sudden urges and cravings. If you wanted to binge eat, you did that because you were technically eating for two. Even if you gained weight, it was not noticeable because of your growing belly. But after you give birth, you will see that you have gained a considerable amount of natural weight throughout your pregnancy. This pregnancy weight is one of the after-effects of your pregnancy, and it is very common. Do not beat yourself up for gaining weight. If you want to lose weight, you can head to and check out their products which will aid your weight loss journey.

2.     Postpartum depression

From the name, you can understand that giving birth is not all about happiness and joy. Sometimes, the mother goes through a lot while giving birth. And the moment of euphoria after holding one’s child gets overshadowed by certain depressive thoughts and anxiety.

Postpartum depression, or as some call it, “baby blues,” is a real mental illness that can show up a few days after the mother gives birth. This period is marked by extremely low mood, fatigue, withdrawal from social situations, and excessive crying. The mother might even have difficulties connecting with the newborn. Postpartum depression is a very serious issue and should be dealt with with the same seriousness. You should consult a therapist to get treatment immediately.

3.     Postpartum hair loss

Postpartum hair loss is common in many women. The hair might grow back, or it might not, and the new mother might be left with bald spots for years.

It can affect the mother mentally, and their confidence will be a blow. However, there are ways to deal with this hair loss. The topical application of minoxidil, an FDA-approved drug, might help to grow your hair back. Biotin supplements are also known for promoting hair growth. However, consult a doctor before using it.

4.     Postpartum psychosis

It is one of the most serious aftereffects of pregnancy. It can start a few days after giving birth, and unlike postpartum depression, it gets more serious. A person going through this can get hallucinations. They might also behave in a very manic way, which is unlike their usual behavior. It is a very serious mental illness and should be taken seriously for the well-being of the new mom.

5.     Dealing with Anxiety Disorders

Lastly, a new mom might face various troubles while approaching motherhood. She is new to this too. So, people around her, closest friends and family, should help her get in touch with this new side of life and support her every step of the way. If not, the mother might feel alienated from the rest of her surroundings and might develop anxiety disorders.

Final Thoughts

Pregnancy is a great phase every woman goes through! But its after-effects are tremendous, and people can deal with many issues with it. So, it’s important that you wisely handle the matter and do all the necessary things to keep yourself healthy and happy physically and mentally!

So, we have come to the end of our blog. I hope that all the new mothers dealing with the after-effects of pregnancy realize that they are not alone and will get through this. Motherhood is a beautiful feeling, and we hope you enjoy that to the fullest! But, do not forget to be happy and look after yourself and you’re newborn!

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