Custom Memorial Ideas To Honor A Deceased Loved One!

by Glenn Maxwell

There are many ways to memorialize your loved one.

Some people choose to leave a lasting physical reminder of their loved one, while others choose more abstract methods such as a charitable donation in their name. No matter what method you choose, it is important that you feel comfortable with your decision and that it represents who your loved one was.

Continue reading to see more ideas for memorializing a deceased loved one:

Memorial Plaque

Memorial plaques are a great way to memorialize a loved one in your home. The plaque can be placed on the wall above a picture or hung on a wall. The plaque can also be made for outside use, such as in a garden or backyard area. You can also put them on display virtually through atribute website

Memorial plaques can be made from many different materials, including wood, metal, stone, and plastic. If you want something more decorative than just words on paper, then you may want to consider using an engraving machine to create an image on your memorial plaque.


Headstones are one of the most common types of memorials and are also one of the most traditional. Headstones are usually made of stone or metal, and they can include a photograph or sketch of the deceased person as well as their name and date of birth. If you want an extra special headstone for your loved one, consider hiring an artist to create something unique based on his or her personality and interests.

Memorial Urns

There are many different types of memorial urns available today. You can find an urn that matches any style or personality that you like. You can choose from bronze or silver plated urns or even an engraved wooden box with handles on each end.

There are also a number of different colors available as well as several sizes available for each type of memorial urn that you purchase.


Crosses are a common symbol of memorialization and remembrance. They can be made from many different materials, and they can be very simple or very elaborate. A cross can be made out of stone, metal, wood, or any other material that is available to you.

Crosses can be small or large and placed in various locations. For example, you might want to place a cross at the gravesite of your loved one, but you could also place a cross on your home or even in your yard. Crosses are generally used as memorials for deceased loved ones and are often decorated with mementos such as flowers and pictures.

The Final Word

People often want to be remembered as someone who lived life well and made a positive difference in other people’s lives. Memorials are a great way to preserve the memory of a loved one and honor their life, personality, and impact on those who cared for them.

And as you can see,  there are many different types of memorials available to choose from as listed in this column whether you’re looking for something that everyone can participate in or something a bit more personal.

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