Dave Courtney Death and Obituary, The Dark Secrets Behind Dave Courtney’s Death?

by Moore Martin

Dave Courtney Death and Obituary

In the world of Dave Courtney, nothing was ever quite as it seemed. The former London gangster turned actor and author, aged 64, passed away on October 22, 2023, leaving behind a legacy of controversy, charisma, and a life that traversed the shadows of the criminal underworld and the glitz of the entertainment industry. In this article, we’ll delve into the enigmatic life of Dave Courtney, exploring the circumstances surrounding his death, his tumultuous past, and his contributions to the worlds of literature and film.

Dave Courtney Death and Obituary

On October 22, 2023, Dave Courtney met an unfortunate end at his residence in Chestnut Rise, Plumstead, London. The news of his death was shrouded in sorrow, with reports indicating that he had taken his own life. This marked the conclusion of a life that had been anything but ordinary.

Dave Courtney’s journey through life was marked by its colorful nature. He was a figure deeply enmeshed in the criminal world, with associations that included notorious names like the Krays, Roy Shaw, and Lenny McLean. Yet, what set him apart was his remarkable transformation from a life of crime to becoming an actor, author, and a public personality.

Who was Dave Courtney?

David John Courtney, as he was officially known, was a man who embraced the moniker of a gangster. His life was far from ordinary, transitioning from a past filled with alleged criminal activities to becoming an author and actor. However, there were those, like Bernard O’Mahoney and Frankie Fraser, who were skeptical about the authenticity of Courtney’s criminal tales, accusing him of exaggeration. Nonetheless, Dave Courtney maintained that he did not fabricate or embellish his past.

Irrespective of the controversy surrounding his life story, Dave Courtney left an indelible mark on the world as a self-proclaimed gangster turned author and actor.

Dave Courtney Age

Born on February 17, 1959, in Bermondsey, London, Dave Courtney’s life journey was marred by adversity and strife. He often recounted his connections to famous gangsters like Reggie Kray and Lenny McLean, but some historical context is essential. Courtney was just nine years old when Reggie Kray was imprisoned. He claimed to have survived being shot, stabbed, and even having his nose bitten off, asserting that he took someone’s life in self-defense. He also spoke of a car crash on the M20, believing it was an attempt on his life. Sadly, on October 22, 2023, Dave Courtney was found lifeless in his Plumstead home, having taken his own life at the age of 64.

Dave Courtney Career

Dave Courtney’s career was as multifaceted as his life. He authored six books, including “Stop the Ride I Want to Get Off,” “Raving Lunacy,” “Dodgy Dave’s Little Black Book,” “The Ride’s Back On,” “F**k the Ride,” and “Heroes & Villains.” But his creative pursuits extended beyond the written word. In 2005, he ventured into filmmaking, starring in and producing “Hell to Pay.” In 2003, he portrayed the main character, Mad Dave, in “Triads, Yardies and Onion Bhajees.”

A substantial portion of his income came from television documentaries and personal appearances. Dave Courtney was a man of many talents, with involvement in charity work, a dedicated website, and roles in movies such as “Six Bend Trap” and “Clubbing to Death,” where he shared the screen with notable actors like Craig Charles and Nick Moran. He also featured in the 2008 film “The Dead Sleep Easy,” filmed in Mexico.

Dave’s collaboration with Director Liam Galvin resulted in two DVDs, “Dave Courtney’s Dodgy DVD” and “Dave Courtney Even Dodgier.” Their partnership continued with the 2010 film “Killer Bitch” and the 2016 film “Mob Handed.” In 2020, Dave Courtney appeared in “Mother’s Child” as Mr. Townsend, a club owner, and the film achieved global release on platforms like Amazon Prime, DVD, and Blu-ray.

What Happened to Dave Courtney?

Dave Courtney’s demise on October 22, 2023, in his Plumstead residence was marked by the tragic act of taking his own life. Despite his contentious past and colorful reputation, his later years were clouded by health issues, including arthritis and cancer. His death marked the end of a captivating and controversial journey, during which he often spoke of his associations with the criminal world.


Dave Courtney’s life was a mosaic of contradictions and complexities. He was a man who moved from the dark alleys of crime to the limelight of the entertainment industry, leaving an indelible mark on both worlds. While his stories and actions were often met with skepticism, there’s no denying the impact he had on British popular culture.

In celebrating the life and times of Dave Courtney, we remember a man whose journey through perplexity and burstiness led him on a path that will continue to intrigue and captivate those who seek to understand the multifaceted nature of human existence.

Dave Courtney Death and Obituary – FAQs

1. How did Dave Courtney pass away?

Dave Courtney tragically took his own life and was found dead at his home in Plumstead, London, on October 22, 2023.

2. How old was Dave Courtney at the time of his passing?

Dave Courtney was 64 years old when he passed away on October 22, 2023.

3. What was Dave Courtney’s cause of death?

Dave Courtney’s death was the result of suicide. He tragically took his own life at his home.

4. Who was Dave Courtney?

Dave Courtney was an English figure known for his association with the criminal world and his transition to become an author and actor.

5. What were some of Dave Courtney’s achievements?

Dave Courtney authored six books, such as “Stop the Ride I Want to Get Off” and “Raving Lunacy.” He also produced and starred in his own film, “Hell to Pay,” and acted in various low-budget British films.

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