Miguel Castro’s Height And How It Impresses!

by Moore Martin

Miguel Castro Height

In the world of baseball, athletes often become not only sports icons but also celebrities that fans are keen to learn more about. Miguel Castro is one such figure, and his height seems to have piqued the curiosity of many. In this article, we will explore Miguel Castro’s height and dive into various facets of his life and career.

Miguel Castro Height: A Burning Question

“Miguel Castro Height” has become a popular search query among fans. To quench this curiosity, let’s reveal the exact figures:

– Miguel Castro Height in Centimeters: 201 cm
– Miguel Castro Height in Meters: 2.01 m
– Miguel Castro Height in Feet: 6 Feet 7 Inches

Now, you have a clear picture of just how tall Miguel Castro is. But there’s more to know about this baseball star.

Who is Miguel Castro?

Miguel Castro is a Dominican professional baseball pitcher, currently playing for the Toronto Blue Jays in Major League Baseball (MLB). Born on 24 December 1994, Castro is a rising talent in the world of baseball.

Miguel Castro’s Journey to the MLB

Castro’s baseball journey began in La Romana, Dominican Republic. He signed with the Colorado Rockies as an international free agent in 2011. He made his professional debut in 2012 with the Dominican Summer League Rockies and went on to play for the Grand Junction Rockies in 2013 and the Asheville Tourists in 2014.

In 2015, Castro made his MLB debut with the Colorado Rockies, marking the start of his professional career in the major leagues. He made significant contributions to his team in the following years, showcasing his skills as a versatile pitcher.

A Glimpse into Castro’s MLB Performance

In 2016, Castro pitched in 56 games for the Rockies, boasting a 5-4 record and a 3.53 ERA, along with 14 saves. His strong performances continued in 2017 when he pitched in 63 games, recording a 5-5 record and a 3.73 ERA with 11 saves.

On July 31, 2017, Castro was traded to the Baltimore Orioles, a team he contributed to for several seasons. He showcased his talents by posting impressive numbers in various categories, including saves and ERA.

In 2019, Castro was traded to the New York Mets, further expanding his MLB journey.

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Miguel Castro’s Age and Versatility

As of 2023, Miguel Castro is 28 years old, having been born on 24 December 1994 in La Romana, Dominican Republic. He is not only a right-handed pitcher but also a versatile player who can excel in various roles, from closer to setup man and long reliever. His durability is evident as he has consistently participated in over 50 games in each of the last six seasons.

Known for his impressive strikeout ability, Castro has consistently struck out over 11 batters per nine innings throughout his career. His fastball, with speeds of up to 100 miles per hour, makes him a formidable force on the mound. Additionally, his slider and changeup add depth to his pitching arsenal.

Miguel Castro’s Nationality

Miguel Castro proudly represents the Dominican Republic in the world of baseball. His nationality is Dominican, and he has had the honor of representing his country on several international baseball teams, including the Dominican Republic national baseball team in the 2017 World Baseball Classic.

Castro’s love for his Dominican heritage is evident, and he serves as a role model for young Dominican baseball players, inspiring them to pursue their dreams in the sport.


1. Who is Miguel Castro?

Miguel Castro is a professional baseball pitcher.

2. How tall is Miguel Castro in centimeters?

Miguel Castro’s height in centimeters is 201 cm.

3. What is Miguel Castro’s age as of 2023?

Miguel Castro is 28 years old as of 2023.


Miguel Castro’s journey in the world of baseball is one of talent, dedication, and passion. As a versatile pitcher with remarkable strikeout ability, he has made a name for himself in MLB. His Dominican heritage and representation in international baseball further underscore his significance in the sport. Now, you have a comprehensive understanding of Miguel Castro, including his height and his remarkable journey in the world of baseball.

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