Decrease Your Mobile Phone Bill in 4 Ways Without Missing Out

by Carter Toni

Undoubtedly over the last several years, we have seen an increase in the number of people consuming content or media through handheld devices. A number which has increased due to the invention of smartphones and tablets in the last couple of decades.

The creation of smartphones has benefited our generation massively, so much so that our handheld devices have practically become a part of us due to how heavily we rely on them. Without a shadow of a doubt, smartphones and tablets are advantageous, but at what price is the question.

The existence of smart devices contributes a considerable amount towards our monthly outgoing finances, and it’s no secret that one of our costliest monthly bills is that of our mobile phones. With the average mobile phone bill costing around £47.20 per month in the UK, if you set aside additional costs like food shopping, utilities, and rent or mortgage payments, you might find that your mobile phone bill is your next highest direct debit.

However, unlike most of our other monthly outgoings, it is possible to cut down on your mobile phone bill costs. Nowadays, end-users are surrounded by many cellular providers and payment plans, so it can be challenging to find the exemplary service for your needs that’ll simultaneously save you money.

Whether you’re using a Pay As You Go SIM or a SIM-only network, we’ve created this article outlining several ways that you can decrease your mobile phone bill without missing out, so you can avoid paying over the odds.

Turn Off Background Data Usage 

Even if you’re making a conscious effort to not use cellular data while outside of your home, your applications may still be using data in the background, which can not only drain your battery life (but your wallet, too!).

To avoid using background data while unaware, go into the ‘settings’ application on your device and ensure that cellular data usage and background app refresh are switched off for each of your applications apart from the ones you use regularly.

Doing so will prevent your applications from using data while you’re out and about and can be changed at quite literally a flick of a button. So, if you find yourself needing to use cellular data for an application you’ve switched off background data usage for, you can quickly go into your settings and undo the decision anytime or anyplace.

Use Wi-Fi When Out And About 

It may be easier said than done but making a conscious effort to use Wi-Fi while you’re out and about is one way that you can save yourself money on your mobile plan. Nowadays, most if not every place has a public Wi-Fi connection. If it’s not evident, there is no harm in asking someone for the network details,so finding an internet connection while you’re out and about is relatively easy.

Worst-case scenario, if you cannot find an internet connection, try to limit your cellular data usage to times you need it most and limit your streaming, downloading to those moments when you have Wi-Fi. If you’re using a Pay As You Go SIM or are paying for a monthly plan, we recommend finding out your data allowance and committing it to memory so that you don’t go over your allocated amount.

Most cellular providers will also send you a text message when you’re nearing your allowance, which we recommend opting for to further prevent yourself from going over your data allowance. Accidentally using too much of our contracted data is a common occurrence, and sadly doing so can cause your monthly mobile phone bill to rise.

Minimise the risk of unexpected additional costs to your monthly mobile phone bill by limiting the amount of cellular data you use by connecting to available Wi-Fi networks and only using it in urgent scenarios.

Rethink Your Plan Options 

With so many cellular providers out there, finding theright payment plan for your needs and wallet can be challenging. Add in the hundreds of plans available and the perks or benefits; it can be nearly impossible to decide.

Ultimately, cellular providers want you to spend more on their contracts so that they can capitalise from your money, some of which are expensive and can rope end-users into year-long agreements that can be challenging to cancel.

Rethink how much your mobile phone bill costs you by rethinking your plan options; various money-saving opportunities are available to individuals, from using a Pay As You Go SIM to purchasing no-contract phones.

You may not be able to get some of the latest smartphone models by using these payment plan options, but at least you won’t be tied into any costly, lengthy plans and have the flexibility to change or cancel anytime.

Whether you have an existing plan that you’re looking at changing or out to purchase a brand-new mobile, we recommend shopping around for cellular providers and comparing plans or prices so that you ensure you get the best deal.

Consider enlisting the services of cellular providers such as Lebara; they offer a range of money-saving, flexible plans with pay as you go SIMs. For more insight, don’t hesitate to look at their website today for their complete offerings or follow their blog for more information and see how you could start saving more money on your monthly mobile bill.

Don’t Upgrade Your Phone 

Another way that you can save money on your monthly mobile phone bill is by keeping your existing phone for as long as possible and not upgrading. So long as your current mobile is fit for purpose and has no underlying problems, then you have no real reason to upgrade it.

Admittedly, it’s easy to get tempted by the shiny, newly released models. However, newer means costlier, and upgrading while your current phone is still usable can massively increase your monthly bill. So, save yourself the additional costs by prolonging the life of your existing mobile a little longer and only replacing it when it’s essential.

Eliminate Parts Of Your Plan 

Nowadays, mobile phone plans have other features besides texting and calling benefits. From enhanced voicemail to emergency roadside assistance, many features are added to your mobile phone bill that cost you money, and you don’t use them.

Therefore, save yourself some time (and money) by assessing your current payment plan and seeing what features you’re paying for. For instance, many end-users think that unlimited calls and texts are a non-negotiable factor when it comes to phone payment plans.

But with free-to-use applications such as Whatsapp allowing us to make calls and texts so long as we’re connected to the internet – do you need unlimited texts or calls? Do you hardly ever come close to reaching your data limit?

If the answer to the following questions is no, it might be time to consider downsizing your plan. Axing or downsizing all the features of your payment plan that you don’t use can further help you cut down on the costs of your mobile phone bill. You could even enlist the services of cellular providers that offer prepaid plans or enable you to pay for what you use – there are hundreds of possibilities out there!

Use Paperless Billing Or Automate It 

Some cellular providers offer small discounts for customers that elect for paperless billing or automated monthly payments. Admittedly it’s only a minimal saving, but it’s a saving nonetheless that you may want to consider if you’re looking to reduce your mobile bill.

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