Dentist MascotProvides You with the Best Patient-Centred Dental Care

by Carter Toni

We are based on a patient-centred dental care with a model that has been adopted across many dental clinics. Our motive is to provide our patients with holistic treatment at low costs so that you and your family can get the most personalised care from our team. From office visits and walk-in services, you can get the best care you need in more than one ways.

We have the pieces of equipment and world-class technology available at out clinic to provide you with the best dental care. Since we have everything on site, you can avail of all services from our clinic itself. We believe in preventive dental care and believe that it is what makes your smile the brightest and the healthiest. You can easily schedule an appointment online or call us to book a check-up.

We believe that your well-being should always be at the centre of every decision about your health. Our model of dental care services allows us to give you coordinated care supported by an entire team of dental specialists to maximise your wellness. Hence, not only will you get a primary care provider but rather an entire primary care team.

Our Services

  1. General dentistry
  2. Dental implants
  3. Orthodontic surgery
  4. Cosmetic dentistry
  5. Emergency dental services

Friendliest Team with Dentist Mascot

Get the most confident smile you always wanted with our services. With the highest graded industry benchmarks in modern dental care, you and your family are in good hands. Our team of expert dentists are excellent doctors and amazing people. They understand that sitting in the dental chair can feel intimidating. They will speak to you openly and discuss the treatment options based on your dental examination. You can decide which is in your budget and select a dental plan accordingly.

If you want to experience the finest dental care in the country, visit Dentist Mascot. Call us to schedule an appointment with us or book an appointment online now.

Affordable Dental Check ups

Dentist Mascot provides high-end dental services at minimal prices. But the cost of dental procedures and check-ups will vary depending on the type of procedure you want to go through. Since most of the costs of the dental care are covered by health insurances, you can rest easy. We also accept various forms of dental care payment plans for your convenience that makes us flexible and one of the leading dental clinics in the neighbourhood.

Why Choose Us

Dentist Mascot has over thirty years of experience and is a member of ADA. We are a family friendly practice with affordable dental solutions. We want to reach out to as many patients and possible. Hence, we accept most kinds of health insurances. The following are some of the reasons why you should choose Dentist Mascot for you and your family’s dental health.

  1. Over 30 years of experience
  2. Member of the ADA
  3. Affordable Dental services
  4. Family friendly
  5. Privately owned and operated
  6. Free parking
  7. Convenient location
  8. Flexible payment plans

Besides, our clinic is located at a convenient position, so that you can reach us easily. If you are having any difficulty in locating us, you can always call our friendly customer service number. Furthermore, we provide you with free parking services near our clinic so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of looking for a parking spot or paying any parking tickets while you visit us. You can enter the car park from the nearby streets and then simply walk in for your appointment.

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