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eClinicalWorks is a great healthcare software company. eClinicalWorks is a platform of thousands and thousands of physicians and is taking care of millions of documents. The software offers outstanding EHR solutions as well as other solutions that we are going to talk about as we move forward in this article.

The most famous of all of its solutions is EHR. eClinicalWorks Software is extremely popular among physicians. In this piece, we are going to talk about the solutions eClinicalWorks is offering. We are also going to talk a little bit about eClinicalWorksvs Epic since it’s always compared to Epic EMR software. However, if you want to know eClinicalWorks cost, you will have to schedule an eClinicalWorks demo. The first thing we will start with is eClinicalWorks EHR.

eClinicalWorksvs Epic EMR

Epic EMR is always considered to be eClinicalWorks EMRs closest alternative and that is because of the features it offers. The features Epic EMR offers are almost the same as eClinicalWorks EMR. However, the main reason for switching from Epic to eClinicalWorks is the cost. Epic EMR is more on the expensive side. The reasons why people switch from eClinicalWorks to Epic is mostly because of the user rating. EpicCare EMR beats eClinicalWorks EMR in that particular area. Overall, both are great EHR Software.

eClinicalWorks EHR Solution

eClinicalWorks EMR is a well-designed EHR system with a lot to deliver its clients. eClinicalWorks EMR  was created with a stronger emphasis on the demands of care professionals. It incorporates a variety of fantastic and extremely useful features.

Patient Portal

The first feature that comes to our mind when we think about eClinicalWorks EMR is none other than the patient portal it has to offer. This feature particularly helps in improving patient engagement by giving some of the care authority to its clients. From scheduling their own appointments to taking care of their billing online, it takes over a lot of burden from the administration. Physicians have thousands of reasons to love the portal as it allows them to check their medical history, progress reports, and a lot more online.

Electronic Prescriptions

The second feature that we would like to highlight is the electronic prescriptions feature. This feature allows the doctors to send electronic prescriptions to the pharmacy most convenient for the clients. Moreover, it creates a lot of ease for the clients as well. That is because they can easily go to the pharmacy closest to them for their medications rather than going all the way to the doctor to get the prescriptions. Overall, this helps in maintaining the accuracy level as well.

Lab integration

Another excellent feature of eClinicalWorks EMR is how it allows seamless integration with the lab. Doctors can request the testation online and can get the results online as well. This helps in keeping all the medical professionals of one client in the same place. Everyone has access to their client’s reports and can make better decisions for their care altogether. Any laboratory supplier or LIS platform that supports HL7 connectivity can communicate with eClinicalWorks in uni- and bi-directional mode. Both requested and unapproved results will be automatically attached to the patient’s record via the arriving results interface.

eClinicalWorks Revenue Cycle Management

Claims Management

When a healthcare insurance client visits their medical practitioner for any purpose, from a basic visit to serious surgery, the claims procedure begins. eClinicalWorks medical billing and coding professionals take over after a client has been visited by a physician. These are two of the most critical roles in RCM since reliability in these domains determines whether or not a claim is refunded the very first instance. eClinicalWorks makes sure you are in the loop the whole time and you are updated.


When you establish your RCM for report generation, particularly paperwork for PAMA, as well as administrative and executive reports, preparing for conferences where the team sits down to go through reports will go much more effectively and swiftly. Key performance indicators can also be developed and tracked using eClinicalWorks revenue cycle management software.

Telehealth Solutions

Another super popular solution of eClinicalWorks is its telehealth solutions. Telehealth saves time for both the client and the physician, in addition to lowering administrative expenses for each session. Doctors can charge for unpaid calls and messages while also expanding their hours to gather additional chargeable time through telemedicine. Telehealth can help a practice become more efficient by reducing no-shows.

eClinicalWorkstelehealth is very user-friendly. The software is very secure and also HIPAA Compliant. It takes no time in setting up and you can easily get to using it in no time. The software introduced us to the industry’s very first virtual assistant known as Eva. Eva helps clients and physicians with a lot of things including showing bills and progress notes etc.


Having thorough medical information at the time of care is critical for safety and successful therapy in the age of value-based treatment. With a variety of interoperability options, eClinicalWorks leads the way. Clinicians can easily enable access to the countrywide Carequality and CommonWell networks using the eClinicalWorks EHR. eClinicalWorks practices are exchanging 50+ million health records with other clinics and hospitals via these networks.

Because of how simple it makes it all for you and how much it enhances your patient diagnostic and support plans, interoperability is one of the best aspects of the eClinicalWorks solution. Interoperability allows you to share data across numerous clinics and departments. As a result, the program analyses the data and makes recommendations about what the ailment might be and how it should be treated. Overall, this program assists you in determining the best treatment for your patients while also reducing the time it takes to establish a diagnosis and allowing you to diagnose more precisely.

eClinicalWorks Reviews and Pricing

eClinicalWorks is wonderful software. The software is very popular among physicians and that’s mainly because of how dedicated the software is to improve the healthcare world. Overall, the software has an average rating of 3.4 out of 5 stars which is good.

Final Thoughts!

If you are thinking of investing in eClinicalWorks, here are a few tips for you. We recommend that you establish a list of features that you would want in a programme and then determine whether eClinicalWorks EMR software meets those features or not. Aside from that, we recommend requesting an eClinicalWorks EMR software demo from the vendor so you can see the product in action rather than just reading about it and its capabilities. Overall, the eClinicalWorks EMR software is a good choice, but it’s always a good idea to double-check that it meets your specific needs.

By Carter Toni

BuzRush Staff