Do Dogs Make Us Healthier?

by Glenn Maxwell

There are many health benefits that a dog offers. Having a dog is proven to lower your level of blood pressure, cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels, etc. A dog’s companionship can take away your depression and loneliness. Dogs can increase opportunities like exercise, getting outside, and socializing. Think about all of the times when your dog has benefited you.

You can do a lot with a dog, and whether it’s going for a walk, life advice, you name it, they have it all. Dogs can boost your happiness in seconds; just one quick look, and you will feel a lot better. They always have that extra energy that you might be looking for, and seeing that they have it, will instantaneously help boost your energy. Dogs have exceptional characteristics that not even every human has. Have you ever wondered why that is?

Dogs Get Us to be More Social

Walking your golden retriever at the park is definitely going to make you more approachable and give people a conversation starter. Having friends and people to interact with is essential in our lives, and dogs are the perfect way to get that. Having a good connection with your dog can help you become more strongly attached to your human relationships. Next time you and your golden retriever want to meet new dogs and humans, grab that leash and go!

Do Dogs Get us to Exercise?

We all need exercise, and without a dog, some people wouldn’t get any at all. Dog owners are about four times more likely than non-dog owners to reach their physical activity guidelines. Walking your dog will not only get you more exercise, but you also get better quality exercises (walking faster and covering more area) than people who simply walk or run on their own. Dogs will help you push your limits. Getting just 30 minutes of running, walking, or jogging with your dog can help lower the risk of many diseases.

Dogs Make us Feel Less Lonely

Sitting at home isn’t all that bad and lonely when you have your little Maltipoo. Having that dog there as much as any other dog will help play that part when other people can’t. Dogs are here to show you unconditional love and emotional support while cuddling. It might seem crazy to believe something so small can make a difference, but it can if you give them a chance. People might think that we don’t benefit from dogs and that they don’t help us, but they help us in so many different ways. It’s a win-win situation!

Do Dogs Make You More Attractive?

A dog’s presence may make people appear more likable and attractive. Not thinking you are attractive enough? Well, having a dog will fit right into that missing slot and settle the deal. In a study, researchers asked individuals to rate photos of people and found that people looked happier and more relaxed with a dog’s appearance in the picture. Do you need a little help from a furry friend? Whoodle puppies are one of the cutest designer breeds around? You will definitely be satisfied with the results. Why wouldn’t you give it a shot?

Don’t Underestimate Your Dog!

Dogs are like other human beings; they are always there for you and can lift your spirit. Don’t ever underestimate what your dog can do! They are there for you on the ups and downs. Dogs aren’t just some furry 4-legged animals; they are our best friends. To keep that healthy life you want, you will need to find that perfect dog for you. Find one that best fits your personality!

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