How to Take Care of a Dachshund Long Hair [the Complete Caresheet]

by James Martin

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Do you know that it’s much harder to take care of a dog when it has much or long hair as compared to those with fewer or shorter hair? If you own a Dachshund then you should pretty much understand what I’m talking about. When you fail to properly take care of your dog’s hair, your furry animal could develop serious health issues which can shorten the lifespan of your canine buddy. 

Some common health issues associated with improper grooming include cysts, ear infections, and skin infections. The health issues mentioned are common with dogs that have heavy fur. So you have a Dachshund and you love your pet, if you don’t know how to properly take care of your buddy’s long hair, then your dog may fall sick. That wouldn’t be the case for you because you have made it to this blog post. In today’s article, I’ll be teaching you how to properly take care of a Dachshund long hair.

The Dachshund long-haired dog breed originated in Germany but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find this dog breed in Europe and other parts of the world. The Dachshund long-haired breed is loved by lots of people all over the world and the reason for that could be attributed to their intelligence, gentle nature, or lively character. If you own a Dachshund long-haired dog, then I’m pretty sure you love your dog and want what’s best for your dog. Taking care of your dog keeps them healthy and ultimately makes them happy that’s why in this article you’ll learn ways to take care of your Dachshund long hair. 

How to take care of a Dachshund long hair

There are 3 different types of Dachshund coats: wire, short, and long. The coats on long-haired Dachshund are soft and silky. They require more care when compared to the other two varieties. Taking care of your Dachshund long hair is not so difficult when you know what to do. Everything you’ll be required to do can be broken down into 3 easy steps:

  • Brushing
  • Trimming
  • Bathing 


Because your dog’s hair is long, matting is possible. To prevent it, you’ll have to brush your Dachshund long hair at least once a day. To do this, you’ll have to play your dog in a position that’ll be comfortable for both you and the dog. Place your Dachshund long-haired dog in a position where you can easily reach them. Since Dachshund dog breed shed a lot you’ll have to place the dog on a sheet to trap the hair that falls off the dog. To properly brush the dog, take off all accessories (e.g., collar)  on the dog.

Before brushing, use sectioning clips to clip up sections of the fur. This is done to help you effectively remove mats that may build up. Also while brushing do well to ensure that your buddy’s undercoat and top are tangle-free. If you are finding it difficult to access those areas, you can use the sectioning clips to make it much easier for you. So you don’t brush the hair haphazardly, start by combing your dog’s fur, section after section. Continue that way until you cover every section.


Long-haired Dachshunds are called long-haired obviously because they have lots of hair and if left alone will continue to grow and tangle as they grow which makes it uncomfortable for your dog as it can attract fleas which will end up making your buddy sick. Hence, you should frequently trim your long-haired Dachshund furs particularly in areas where it grows fringes which is around their ears and feet.

Trimming does the job of reducing the number of tangles accumulating on your dog’s furs and it also reduces the time you’ll spend brushing the furs. You don’t need a lot of materials or tools to achieve this, all you need is your scissors and a little bit of patience. When you have those two requirements, you are good to go. Asides from the coat of your dog, you also need to trim other areas like their nails, eyes, ears, and paw.


Dachshunds are fairly clean dogs so they don’t necessarily need to bathe them all the time except they get dirty. You can bathe your Dachshund long-haired buddy every 3 to 4 months. When you want to bathe your dog, fill up your bathtub with warm water. Make sure that the water isn’t too hot and it’s just under the belly of your dog. Placing a none slip mat will help in positioning your dog so they don’t slip while you are trying to bathe them. Get a conditioner and shampoo that has been formulated for dogs – it’s usually best to purchase a fragrance-free one, this decision is made to ensure that too many chemicals are not used in the production as those chemicals can cause irritation.

Place your long-haired Dachshund in the bathtub. Now your dog is wet, gently massage their body using the shampoo while avoiding the face as you carry on the process. When you are done rinse off the shampoo and repeat the same thing, this time with the conditioner. For their face and ears, use a soft washcloth together with a small amount of shampoo to gently wipe their ears and face. When you are done, your canine buddy is ready to be out of the tub and dried.

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