Do You Know Your Bingo Patterns?

by Glenn Maxwell


Originally dubbed “beano” in the United States, bingo was once a game played at country fairs. Back then, each player’s cards would be marked with beans as the dealer picked numbered discs from a cigar box, and instead of bingo, players yelled beano if they won. The history of this game can be traced back to the early 1500s, reportedly to an Italian lottery called the “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia.” This lottery is still played in Italy each Saturday, while bingo remains alive and well worldwide.

Bingo is a relatively easy game and straightforward to the point where almost anyone can pick up a few cards and jump right in. When you play online casino games, the cards can be a little confusing at first, but once you get settled in, you will see it’s a piece of cake.

Before you head to a casino, check out what you need to know about patterns in order to shout “Bingo!” at your computer.

No Love for Patterns

Blackout is among the most popular types of bingo and the easiest to win. The goal here is to basically cover all the numbers that are called until you completely mark off all the numbers on your card, hence the name blackout.

This game offers the highest probability of winning because all you need to do is fill up the whole card. With blackout, you don’t have to work out any real strategies and patterns.

Keep it Straight

The straight line is the pattern bingo players tend to go after the most. This line can be formed in three different ways: vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. You can position your vertical and horizontal straight lines anywhere, but the diagonals only pass through the center of the card.

Take note that the patterns which pass through the center are generally easier to form because they only require four numbers to get a winning combination.

Pattern Innovation

Throughout the years, bingo players have added much excitement to the game by creating different patterns and winning combinations. One of the most challenging patterns to form is the infamous four corners.

Although you only need four numbers to get your combination, these numbers must be located precisely on the corners of your card to score a bingo. Box patterns are a little easier to form because, like the straight lines that form them, there is no need to have the numbers in any specific position. On the contrary, diamond patterns must have numbers in certain places to strike up a bingo.

Many bingo organizers have incorporated exotic patterns to enhance the game’s excitement and can be found throughout internet casinos. For example, the Z pattern is essentially a combination of a diagonal line and two straight lines.

There is also the snake, a winding pattern than can take on several variations, ultimately adding to the game’s dynamic. In the realm of online play, all of these patterns have corresponding payouts based on the difficulty in forming them.

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