Eclipse Practice Management Software – An Excellent Choice

by Carter Toni

Chiropractic EHR, Billing, and Eclipse Practice Management Software is an ONC certified Complete EHR licensed to over 37,000 users throughout more than 7,000 Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and Medical centers all through America on their LANs & inside the cloud. Practices from single practitioner to multidisciplinary, multi-website online practices with dozens of carriers and 2 hundred+ networked computer systems that invoice millions in revenue month-to-month.

Multi-faceted documentation abilities will let users create SOAP, bundle into a password-protected PDF for any date range – in conjunction with different documentation – and submit it electronically as required with bills or email it to an attorney. HIPAA compliant KIOSK capabilities help keep the workforce efficient permitting patients to go into PHI and subjective complaints.

Accounting features allow any mediator insurance to be treated without difficulty and – in maximum instances – automatically. Sales tax, late expenses, stock, and so on, are all interactively dealt with and maybe optionally covered or excluded from claims form by using a coverage carrier. Appointment scheduling together with email reminders, textual content messaging, unique sort & seek standards, rapid carrier access, digital claims transmission & remittance with state-of-the-art error-checking, and cut-up account/billing ledgers are just a few standard capabilities.

Custom forms assist in automating general payer documents along with HMO certification requests. And considering that every side of ECLIPSE became evolved by a programming team, billing, scheduling, records, SOAP, file imaging, and different features all work together seamlessly.

ECLIPSE EHR has repeatedly crowned impartial surveys by using more than one country association. This is what you may expect from the organization that created the “Zero-in” consumer interface, invented case management, first included SOAP & billing, delivered the first actual Windows software for healthcare vendors, and brought Real-Time Data Flow to take away opposition for a patient’s chart in an office.

Benefits and Insights

  • Efficiency Improving Kiosk Functions: It has a kiosk facility, which improves the workers’ efficiency. It lets patients submit subjective complaints and protected health records.
  • Accounting Support: Eclipse permits users to address mediator insurance, such as health maintenance organizations, major medical and favored provider companies, effortlessly and automatically. It also handles past due charges, sales tax, and stock interactively.
  • Accessible User Interface: It is designed with a “Zero-in” user interface that allows customers to input information by voice, contact, and gesture.
  • Efficient Self-Service: Eclipse Practice Management software supports self-service for patients. They can e-book appointments through the patient portal.

Key Features

  • Case Management: Eclipse enables consolidating all of the important records for a case. It allows physicians to collaborate with the administrative workforce to facilitate treatment plans to provide appropriate care.
  • Import and Export: Eclipse’s interface provides many ways of integrating user applications with Eclipse, and it handles responsibilities mechanically using CSV files.
  • File Layouts: Its interface gives access to top EHR systems facts via SQL servers or drivers, which may be bought from the menu.
  • Patient API: Eclipse’s API and interface lets in most effective legal users to have to get entry to sensitive patient facts.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Scheduling of appointments, email reminders, provider entries, text messaging, type and filter criteria, and more are well-known capabilities.
  • Streamlined Documentation Capabilities: Eclipse has multi-faceted documentation capabilities, allowing users to create simple objects get the right of entry to the protocol (SOAP). Using SOAP, customers can create PDFs and documentation and send them to a lawyer or submit them as payments.
  • Custom Forms: It supports custom bureaucracy, which permits users to send payer documents, like HMO documents, robotically.

Other Software Features

  • Appointment Management
  • Billing Management
  • Clinical Workflow
  • Document Management
  • Medical Templates
  • Patient Demographics
  • Patient History
  • Patient Portal
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Scheduling

ECLIPSE Integrations

Offering-in: Front desk electronic signal-in sheet. Avoid audits. Seamless integration together with your present patient and provider database. Manages ECLIPSE appointments automatically.

OpenEdge: handles your credit card processing wishes & integrates at once with ECLIPSE. As the included payments department of Global Payments, OpenEdge is simplifying how bills are processed.

Carisk Intelligent Clearinghouse: provides electronic billing services for healthcare companies and payers in the Workers’ Compensation and Auto markets.

Infinedi: provides digital billing services for healthcare providers and payers.

DataHealth: With 16 years of experience inside the cloud web hosting and backup industry, DataHEALTH can host Eclipse and/or offer a cloud backup answer in your local server.

Hour: Mine: brings automated appointment confirmations & online scheduling for your exercise. Their automated appointment reminder carrier is no longer handiest reminds however additionally gets confirmation remarks from patients.

NCMIC’s: Credit Card Processing Program makes it less complicated to control payments online. Devices to combine directly with Eclipse to offer a streamlined workflow, time savings, and records safety.

BillFlash: Accelerate the patient price technique so patients can view and pay their payments online. An automated mail and eBills, billing thru textual content, email & textual content reminders, incorporated collections & bills.

Zingit solutions: connects directly with Eclipse to modernize patient communication and scale your exercise.

Aritec Technologies: has been website hosting ECLIPSE within the cloud for more than two many years, operating carefully with healthcare practices of all sizes. Whether new to Eclipse or a long-time customer, Aritec can place users inside the cloud and migrate existing Eclipse data in addition to other programs used.

Exercise Pro Live: is an online software program that provides video or published domestic programs to patients. Over 3000 sports. Create customized exercise and rehab packages customized along with the user logo. Affordable and complete.

Smile Reminder: Send computerized appointment reminders to patients.

Eclipse EHR Pricing: Starts from $19,000 per license
Eclipse EHR Support

Phone: +1 (352) 488-0081

Training: Personalized training at no added cost for all users. Further details can be acquired through the Eclipse help desk or by visiting the website.

Tickets: Create a ticket, with details of the user, and a team of customer representatives, will get at it to solve the issue.

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