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by Carter Toni

Question - Answer Quora

What is Quora?

Have you ever wondered about, what is Quora? How Quora can prove to be beneficial for you? We will discuss about all this in this article.

Quora is a site where questions are asked and the answers are given. Anyone can ask questions in Quora. People with real knowledge answer those questions. Apart from being a question answer site, Quora helps in driving traffic to your website and build your authority on subjects and topics. You can also have certain SEO benefits with Quora.

An astonishing number of top level management personnel are associated with Quora and they give answer to your questions. You can get high quality answers to your questions, in this site. Quora is a technology based site and is focused on social media. It has a concept of social research.

Adam D’Angelo and Charie Cheever cofounded Quora in the year 2009. Both of them formerly were associated with Facebook. People familiar with Silicon Valley activities mostly used this site in the beginning. More and more high profile people started joining Quora in the year 2010. It resulted in speedy growth of the site.

Now, Quora has become a Mega website. It gets about 100 million visitors every month. Quora attracts a very wide audience who can ask about anything in this site. It has become an enormous website that contains unbelievable quantity of information.

Why Quora is important?

Many of you may ask this question, Is Quora a good help for Search Engine Optimization?

Quora provides strange benefits for SEO

All the links in Quora are nofollow. But, Google and Bing show Quora results. Quora search is prominent search in both Google and Bing, since all searches in them show Quora’s answers in the first search position. Quora is growing constantly and is gaining absolute authority.

Google takes the Quora answer info and displays the answer with a small link. Bing showcases both the link and information of Quora.

The great answers get traffic when they are up voted. If that answer has a link to your content, you get an exposure and it helps in SEO.

There are former and present Google Engineers, who give answers to questions put on Quora. You can even ask questions from them on this site.

Is Quora good for SEO?

A lot many marketers are using Quora. Why?

Value of Quora, other than SEO can be assessed logically and scientifically. SEO is extremely valuable but it is also extremely competitive. Your depending only on Google Search for people to find your brand or business, is not very advisable.

This makes the marketers use Quora to build authority and expertise, on a wide range of subjects. Quora is the site that gives you access to 100 million visitors, every month. You can have these users as your new visitors and also can make some conversions, since your customers are also on Quora. They may be asking questions about your product or services, on this site.

You have to be sure of providing high quality answers, to increase your authority and popularity. This will increase your find ability in search engines. You can have insights from others from your industry or you can even associate your own answers into such contents that will interest your target audience.

Quora is a very good strategy to generate Traffic

You can drive a huge number of visitors to your website, by using Quora. It is otherwise known as growth hacking. It can also be called Quora Search Engine.

You have to log into Quora, find topics around your blog, and then post comments that have links to your website. You have to gain up votes with your valuable answers. The up votes happen with your being consistent with Quora as this site has a long term value.

You can search for many of case studies those are generating traffic from Quora. These case studies will be giving you deep information on how to achieve good traffic from Quora.

You can drive great amount of traffic from Quora

This is what you can do to drive great amount of traffic from Quora:-

  • You need to create your profile in an astounding manner. Your profile should pronounce you as an authority and it should stand out among the crowd.
  • You have to carefully find those questions those have great number of views and are being followed by many.
  • Your answers must not be casual. It has to be carefully crafted like a great article. You have to tell your viewers a very interesting story to let them know that you do know about the subject, in depth.
  • It is best for you to make your answers and contents visual. You can do so by inserting images and videos to your answers.
  • It is best for you to drop a link to another content that gives in depth information about the subject in question. This will help in promoting your visibility, to the viewers.
  • You have to remain consistent on Quora. You cannot afford to give gaps in your giving answers to Quora. Your absence in the site will affect your find ability adversely.

Always remember, Quora is a long term strategy for having traffic. You have to spend some time daily on Quora to give some answers. You will reap your benefits in time to come for sure.

You have to find ways to be able to create a regular and consistent presence on this site, Quora. You cannot imagine how many visitors are there on Quora to see your business and products. Quora is a very effective marketing tool for you to utilize it wisely, for the benefit of your business.

You can also use Quora to drive more and more traffic to your business or service or personal website. You will be getting some Search Engine Optimization benefits from Quora.

Do you have any additional information on Quora? Do you ask questions or give answers regularly on Quora? Keep us posted.

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