Experts dispute impairment stats in workers’ comp claims

by Carter Toni

Experts dispute impairment stats

There are many reasons why the number of workers comp claims has been going down over the years. One of the major contributing factors is the lack of education and awareness on worker’s compensation benefits and the insurance industry’s push to not give out all of the information to the worker. Another reason for the decrease in workers comp claims is the fact that companies are using less invasive methods to determine if a worker is injured or not, such as a muscle bruise. Many workers feel that these new treatments are unfair, as they don’t provide an accurate answer as to how a person might be injured. Experts dispute impairment stats on workers comp claims, because there are other ways to determine an injury’s severity, which can greatly increase or decrease the amount of money awarded in workers comp court.

Types Of Impairments

There are many types of impairments that would qualify for workers comp based on the definition of the injury. An obvious example is a worker that has to deal with an impairment as a result of being burned in a work place. There are other less obvious impairments that could be categorized as a workers comp claim. Some of these include getting hit by a vehicle and falling from a considerable height. Although these types of injuries would normally result in a workers comp claim, because they are considered relatively minor, it is rare that they actually receive awards of compensation in workers comp court.

Some experts just point to the 38-percent to 50-percent figures and say they are incredulously on their face. A Philadelphia workers’ compensation attorney was quoted saying it basically implies that half of the U.S. workforce is high most of the time at work.

Workplace Accident and Pursuing Workers Comp Case

If you have been injured in a workplace accident and are pursuing a workers comp case, you need to have your own expert to help you. Having an expert on your side will ensure you get fair treatment and the right settlement for your case. There are many disability and workers comp specialists out there who specialize in this field of employment law. It’s important to choose one that has significant experience in this area and has an extensive amount of knowledge regarding the laws of your state.

In the past, employers were able to get away with claiming workers’ compensation claims for mild injuries. Because of new worker’s compensation laws, this is not the case anymore. Employers must now prove beyond reasonable doubt that a worker was injured at work. If they are found to be trying to blame the injury on a previous employee, or are trying to have a worker receive benefits for previous injuries they may be forced to pay the costs of a workers comp claim.

 Importance of Injury Attorney

This is exactly why it’s so important for you to get an injury attorney if you think you might be eligible for benefits. The workers comp board has decided to take an individualized approach to the injury cases it receives. While the guidelines are pretty standard, the workers comp court system is much more subjective. This makes it difficult to predict what your chances are of prevailing in your case. Having an attorney by your side will ensure you get the best treatment possible.

If you think you might be eligible for a workers’ comp claim, don’t delay. Do not wait until you experience some kind of permanent disability before contacting an attorney. If you delay too long, you will never get the help you need or deserve. The benefits you seek will be lost if you don’t get started as soon as possible. If you need advice on claiming for your particular injuries, contact an experienced disability attorney today.

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