Faux Fur Clogs: Doubts and Clarity!

by Glenn Maxwell

Faux Fur Clogs

Faux fur clog slippers are produced from faux fur that is designed to provide warmth, softness, and comfort. These can be perfect for the colder months of the year or during a cool evening in the house. Women’s faux fur clog slippers are great for when you get out of bed early in the morning and need to rush around your home or have an errand to run before it gets too hot outside. This article is going to give you tips about faux fur clog slippers that I think are worth considering before you make your purchase.

 > What Size Should I Get?

Many women who wear these slippers go up a size to accommodate their wide feet. However, it is not always necessary to do so. A smaller size is easier to maneuver and more comfortable. I have some of my favorite pairs that were either a snug fit or an exact fit. Some women find that if they go up to one or two sizes, their feet will feel too small for the slippers. If this is the case with you and you are concerned about your feet feeling too small, try selecting a larger size than you normally would.

 > Do I Need To Use Mittens?

Some people like to use mittens in order to keep their hands warm while they are wearing faux fur slippers. I think this is a personal preference. If you are comfortable with your hands being uncovered, then you should be fine with these slippers. If your hands freeze easily or are sensitive to cold, then I would recommend that you use mittens or gloves when wearing them. It is up to you what will make you feel the most comfortable.

 > Can I Wear Them on my Feet?

Women’s clog shoes have purchased these slippers and have used them as foot warmers while they watch TV at night, or they flip through a magazine. This can be a great way to make use of the extra pair that you purchased for yourself last Christmas. Why not get a good night’s sleep while you’re watching TV?

> Can I use These Slippers in the Water?

According to some women, these Women’s cozy slippers are highly resistant to being damaged by Water. Others have said that they will not float in the Water because of their flat bottoms. It is up to you to decide what kind of experiences you have with faux fur slippers as far as whether or not you want to wear them in the Water. If you want to keep them dry, it’s important that you follow these tips. If you are going to be out on a boat, be sure that they are clean before you place them in the Water. Be sure that they are dry when you remove them from the Water.

 > Are They Easy To Care For?

If you have synthetic fur, it is important that you dry your Women’s house slippers by air drying them outside or on a towel inside. If you put them in the dryer too often, this can affect their ability to stand up against any kind of damage. If you want to keep your slippers looking their best and keep them warm for as long as possible, take good care of them.


One thing that I have learned about faux fur slippers is that you should always check the reviews before you make a purchase. You’re going to want to know what other women think about these slippers and how they stand up to the elements in which they will be used, as well as how comfortable they are when worn. Even if they are just what you are looking for, other women will tell you if they think your feet will be too cold or too hot when wearing these slippers.

I hope this article was helpful to those of you who want to use faux fur slippers but may be a little unsure about their usefulness and worth.

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