Feed Good builds with start of Presidents Cup In Quail Hollow Club

by Sean Dixon

Certainly one of golf’s greatest occasions is under way at Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte now.

Fans from around the globe are anticipated to go to the 2022 Presidents Cup.

“It’s awesome, puts just a little spotlight around the city. The town is continuing to grow constantly, more and more people need to maneuver here,” stated Russ Fox.

“Anytime there’s a large worldwide, national event, I wish to be around,” stated Michael Diaz.

Thursday, countless fans viewed as American golfers performed against Worldwide golfers.

“To have the ability to get this amazing worldwide golf event at Quail Hollow, a historic type of venue rocks !…it is an incredible experience,” stated Diaz.

“I’m just wishing to determine our take it home and produce home the President’s Cup honestly…favorite golfers to determine play, attempting to discover their whereabouts perform a good job today,” stated Gabriel Harris.

Based on the cup, Quail Hollow Club is simply the fifth course within the U.S. for hosting the Presidents Cup. This season can also be the very first time your competition continues to be held around the southeastern side of the nation.

“Day one was great. I figured the golf was fantastic, lots of good shots. U.S. on the top four to 1, lots of close matches therefore it was fun from the fan perspective too.,” stated Frank Graham.

The thrill for golf and just what this means for Charlotte now is constantly on the build.

“I’ve been here 17 years, so seeing the progress that we’ve made and getting a celebration such as this…much like we’ve golf, the brand new team in Charlotte now, there’s a lot of something totally new being released that’s really exciting,” stated Lauren Taylor.

The Presidents Cup ends on Sunday.

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