Four Must-Visit UK Destinations This Summer

by Carter Toni

Summer is galloping headlong towards us, and not a moment sooner. The summer months in the UK are a hectic, exhilarating time for all, and a great time to get out and see a bit more of the country around us. Whether you’re looking for family holiday ideas, taking your partner on a much-needed city break or a solo traveller, the following four locations are the best in class for a summer holiday.


London may seem like an obvious choice for a holiday destination in the UK, being England’s capital and the financial centre of Europe – but if the prospect of heading down to London for a summer city break doesn’t excite you, well, you haven’t been there nearly enough yet!

There are many reasons to make London one of your summer holiday visits, as its sprawling limits contain all sorts for all the family. Don’t visit London strictly for the landmarks; Big Ben and the London Eye are good fun, but there’s so much more to discover which will leave a much more lasting impression. Something as simple as taking a walk from Dalston to Stoke Newington can turn into an afternoon of utter discovery.


If you’re dead set on a visit to a city that doesn’t completely precede itself, Edinburgh is the perfect choice – and despite being Scotland’s capital, is a complete tonal shift from the intoxicating urban sprawl of England’s capital. Edinburgh is relatively small, but what it does encompass is well worth the visit – millennia of history, contemporary cultural exports and incredible views unparalleled by any other major city. No visit is complete without a trip up Arthur’s Seat to make the most of that very view.

The Lake District

Not every summer getaway needs to be full of hustle and bustle, though – sometimes the best adventures are those that stray from the beaten path, and there is no better place in the UK to do that than the Lake District. This stunning national park encompasses more than 900 square miles of mountains and glacier lakes, including the famous Lake Windermere and England’s highest peak Scafell Pike.

The Lake District can also be exactly what you make of it. With a campervan and the right insurance, you could avail yourself of the many campervan-friendly camp sites between the ridges and lakes; alternatively, you can book a private cottage with a hot tub, and sink deep into a mountainous spa weekend to die for.


No summer holiday list would be complete without a truly coastal destination, in the most British sense of the world – and Brighton fits the bill perfectly. This seaside resort is quintessential summer holiday fare, boasting incredible beaches and traditional pier attractions that are practically a rite of passage to enjoy. Brighton is also a brilliant cultural hub, enabling you to steep yourself in the UK’s finest art as well as nurture a dangerously red-looking suntan.

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