Here are five things to consider when moving to chicago

by Carter Toni

Chicago is a bustling city and a fun place to move to, whether for work or simply seeking out greener pastures and sunnier skies. It’s the city of broad shoulders and industry, second only to New York City in a sheer number of corporate headquarters. It’s also a place where career switchers can start over and gain a foothold in a new sector.

Are you planning to relocate to Chicago for work soon? Here’s everything you should consider and know before making the move.

Choosing a neighborhood

Do you want to be close to work or are you willing to commute? Are there restaurants and shops nearby? Will the school and rush-hour traffic impact your commute? All these are questions you should have answers for before choosing your ideal neighborhood.

Generally, the cost of living is higher in Chicago than in most US cities. As such, be sure you understand how much you can afford while also looking for a Chicago neighborhood that best suits your lifestyle.

How to commute

Transportation is one of the most important things to consider when moving to Chicago for work. Although some companies offer transportation benefits, such as bus passes or commuter benefits, they may not cover the cost of your commute entirely.

Find out about the transportation options available in each neighborhood. You can use Chicago transit authority (CTA) maps to explore where the train lines go and which bus routes can get you close to wherever you plan to go.

Also, try to find out whether your route will be above ground or underground (called the “L” line), as this will make a huge difference if you plan to walk or cycle to work.

Speaking of cycling, there are plenty of bike-share programs around this city, so this may just be another excellent option for getting around town.

Consider renting a corporate apartment

When relocating to a busy city like Chicago for work, the last thing you want to worry about is moving furniture or furnishing your apartment. By renting a corporate apartment, you can enjoy home comfort as you prepare to settle if your stay is long-term.

There are many benefits of renting these homes over standard rentals; the two biggest ones being their cost-effectiveness and the time they save you.

Most corporate apartments come well equipped with utensils, furniture, TVs, internet and other things. You don’t have to worry about buying all those things separately and spending money on them once you get to the city.

Ultimately, these rentals are a convenient solution if you have only a short-term lease or aren’t sure whether or not you’ll be staying in Chicago in the long-term.

The weather

Chicago experiences all four seasons, but winter is the most distinctive of all and it lasts longer than the other three put together. Winter lasts from usually late November until mid-April. It’s not unusual for temperatures to fall below zero and wind chills can worsen.

The city’s airports are almost always affected by the winter weather in some way or another; particularly, delays and cancellations are not uncommon during this season.

Driving conditions can also be hazardous, especially if you aren’t used to driving on packed snow and ice. If you need to fly into or out of Chicago during the winter, allow plenty of extra time for travel.

Summertime is (obviously) a lot warmer and kinder than winter, and this is evident with the plenty of festivals and other outdoor activities that become more common then.

However, it can get incredibly humid on some days, you don’t want to go out unless you’re okay with soaking in sweat. Also, prepare for mosquitos and other pesky bugs.

Moving cost

The first thing you need to think about is how much it will cost you to move. If you live far away and have a lot of things to carry, the cost of moving can add up quickly.  It is cheaper if you plan carefully and rent a truck or get a friend with a car to help you out.

If you’re moving across the country, hiring movers and paying them to bring your stuff might be better. Ensure that the movers are established and professional to reduce the risk of damages during the process.

Are you excited to be moving to Chicago?

We hope that the tips we shared with you in this post will help you make the right decision while moving to Chicago for work. This vibrant city is all about progress and reinvention and there’s a lot to discover if you’re willing to expand your horizons.

Once you’re fully settled, make the best out of every opportunity in the windy city. Welcome to Chicago!

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