Gen Z Jewelry Trends: What’s Trending in Tik Tok Jewelry

by Carter Toni

Every generation has its fashion and jewelry trends, and Gen Z is no different. These older teens and 20-somethings are flashing their style all over their preferred social media platform, Tik Tok.

You’ll find them rocking everything from a single gold chain to chunky plastic rings and brightly colored beaded jewelry. Learn more about the latest trends and see how you can add some new style to your jewelry collection.

Tik Tok Jewelry

Thick Gold Chains and Lots of Metal

What’s old is new again. Jewelry styles from the ‘70s are back in, with gold chains trending all over Tik Tok. Thicker pieces like Cuban link chains and bracelets that hip-hop pioneers wore in the ‘70s are especially popular.

Wearing chunky jewelry is one of the biggest trends of 2021 and accessorizing with a thick gold chain or layering several chains is a great way to rock this trend. Gold chains help you add a little edge to any outfit and make a simple outfit like a t-shirt and jeans more dressed up.

You’ll see Gen Z layering thick and thin gold chains together or pairing metal chains with charms and embellishments alongside plain chains. Mixing metals and colors is just as popular as wearing all the same material.

Chunky Plastic Rings

Plastic rings are having their moment. You’ll find young 20-somethings wearing multiple oversized plastic, resin, and lucite rings—the clunkier and bolder, the better. The rectangular and oval rings come in bright pops of color and are decorated with gemstones and other embellishments.

You can find celebrities like Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, and Miley Cyrus getting in on this trend, too. Sought-after ring colors include neon green, yellow, and hot pink. There are no rules on how many rings you can wear or stack together, so style them however you’d like. You can stack plastic rings together or pair them with metallic rings you already own to balance them out.

Chunky Plastic Rings

Fringe Earring

Earrings with tassels and fringe are all the rage on Tik Tok. The bigger earring style is meant to catch the eye using rhinestones and longer-fringed tassels. Despite their size, this earring style is lightweight, making them comfortable to wear all day long.

Fringe earrings are an easy way to elevate the style of your outfit. They’re versatile, pairing well with any style of clothing. They’re a great choice to wear all day, even as your clothing changes from working professional to out on the town.

The size and amount of tassel on the earrings varies, so you can find the right length earring to complement your head, ear, and neck sizes. You’ll find them in various colors and can choose more subtle tones or attract more attention with bolder hues. They’re a great statement piece if you’re wearing your hair up or rocking a shorter cut. Check out Francesca Jewellery statement earrings online.

 Beaded Necklaces

Playful jewelry like beaded necklaces are in style right now. In fact, searches for beaded jewelry like necklaces have risen sharply in 2021. Multicolored beaded necklaces are in big demand.

Their vibrant colors and unique designs show off your fun and flirty side. The lightweight necklaces are easy to wear, and you can find a color and style perfect for any outfit. Beaded necklaces are available in multiple sizes, from shorter chokers to longer chain-length necklaces.

Beaded necklaces can be made from plastic, wooden, or glass beads of various sizes. Some feature metallic charms that hang off the necklace, while others add special shapes and designs to beads on the necklace. Higher-end metallic necklaces with glass beads are also in but aren’t as popular as more casual necklaces with plastic beads.

Beaded Necklaces

Large Hoop Earrings

Big hoop earrings never really go out of style, but they’re even more popular now. These statement earrings come in a variety of sizes, materials, and colors. You can find beaded hoop earrings, hoop earrings in thin and thick silver and gold, and even multi-colored options. 

Hoop earrings can elevate any outfit, even casual clothes like jeans with t-shirts and athleisure wear. Add instant drama to your look by sporting a large pair of thick, gold hoops. Go with a more natural look by wearing earth-tone beaded hoops. You can even feel more fun and adventurous wearing a pair of multicolored beaded hoop earrings.

Large gold and silver hoop earrings are a classic; you can never be out of style sporting a pair. They’re the perfect companion for any event, whether you’re staying in and watching movies with friends or attending a black-tie wedding with your beau. Visit to see a wide collection of hoop earrings.

Colorful Jewelry

No matter the size or type of jewelry, Gen Z wants it in bright colors. From necklaces and earrings to rings, they want bold, vibrant colors to wear. Hot pinks, greens, yellows, and oranges are popular color choices. 

Gone are the days of layering delicate, subtle pieces together for a minimalist look. It’s been replaced with fun, quirky chunky designs that are loud statement pieces. They’re casual enough to wear around the house but don’t look out of place in fancier settings.

Fashion and jewelry choices reflect your personality and values, and loud statement jewelry expresses who you are to the world without you needing to say a word. Colorful jewelry is more joyful and carefree—feelings everyone can appreciate.

How You Can Stay Trendy

You don’t have to sport a bright neon green resin ring to be stylish. Find jewelry that fits your personality and works with the latest trends. You can add more color to your jewelry and stay on-trend by wearing rose gold chains. It lets you pay tribute to hip-hop greats while giving a nod to the more colorful jewelry on trend today. 

A lot of the latest trends in jewelry are based on nostalgia. You’ll find gold chains that reflect the origins of hip-hop from the ‘70s to plastic rings and beaded necklaces that were all the rage during the ‘90s. Bright colors and casual style show the world that the wearers don’t take themselves too seriously.

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