Get Your New Job Faster with this New App!

by Glenn Maxwell

Finding a new job is not easy, especially in current times when more and more people are applying for each published job. If you are already on the look out for a new job, you already know it.

But every problem has a work around and luckily new apps are being launched to solve such problem. I will introduce you with one such job search app that helps you stay organized and find a new job quicker in your dream company.

First of all, you should know that as more and more applicants shoot out their resume for each advertised application, the hiring managers don’t have time to look at each application. This is why they have deployed ATS software in their hiring departments.

So, what does this ATS software do to help ease the hiring process?

When you send application, your email along with your resume lands in ATS. ATS parses your resume and compares your resume with the job description. If both are not a good match, ATS either deletes your application from the applicant pool or ranks you at the bottom of the pool. In either case, you don’t receive interview call. Even worst, your resume does not reach actual human to review it.

Luckily, there are job search apps such “NextJobPro” that help you mitigate such problems. The process is quite straight forward, just copying the job description and paste it in ATS Resume section. The artificial intelligence powered tool will give you a list of all the skills and important keywords that you should incorporate in your resume. Once you do this and send ATS compliant resume, you will not only rank higher but also make your way to hiring manager.

You will be surprised to know that more than 75% of the applications are deleted straight away by the ATS software. And 99% of the fortune 500 companies use this ATS software in their HR department. This is why if you are not sending them ATS compliant resume, you are your worst enemy.

The best strategy to make your way to get a new job quicker is to find your way securing an interview invite. If you do this step correctly, you are already half way to reach your desired job. The other half way is preparation of the interview.

NextJobPro provides you access to most repeated interview questions and provision to write your own answers. Your answers are saved indefinitely, which means every time you have to go for an interview, just take a look, repeat, and you are done.

That’s not it.

On NextJobPro you can make database of your dream companies, the hiring managers there, and record your answers of the mostly repeated interview questions – All in one place with ease.

After you land your dream job, but the situation changes after one or two years, you don’t need to start fresh as all your previous work is already there. You did the homework two years ago making database of companies, contacts of hiring managers, answering interview questions; you don’t need to do it now.

This is why, with NextJobPro, you always start where you left off in the past.  NextJobPro helps you move forward in your career advancement with the help of Artificial Intelligence tools. You can sign up on NextJobPro at any time

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