Guidelines To Ensure a Safe Purchase of Engagement Ring Online

by James Martin

Purchasing stuff online is a common practice nowadays. It doesn’t feel as peculiar as it used to about five years ago.

Despite that, purchasing engagement rings online is still an odd move. An engagement ring is not only significant in terms of monetary value but it’s also one of the most meaningful purchases of life.

Its immense worth in our heads and hands makes online purchases appear as a risky road to take. And if you’re there, you’d know what the pressure feels like. In effect, we believe you are under this pressure currently, which brings you to this page.

Isn’t it?

Well, we’re glad to have you here because we can cut that pressure down by 50 percent. Below you’ll find a complete and thorough guide on purchasing engagement rings online.

First: Is it Even Safe to Purchase an Engagement Ring Online?

Yes! About two-thirds of average diamond purchases for engagement rings nowadays are from online vendors. Now, this speaks clearly of how comfortable people are in entrusting a product they haven’t held in their hands before purchase. The large figure there also verifies that people are having a positive experience as they shop for their engagement rings online.

However, their shopping experience is more likely dictated by a set of guidelines, which lands them nothing but satisfactory results. Below, we have listed this guide for you thoroughly and clearly. Browse through and take necessary measures before spending that heavy amount.

Guidelines for a Safe Purchase

1.      Look for a Certification

Before you even begin browsing through the listed options, look up the About Us page of the company. Check out whether they offer certification or not.

Usually, a reputable and authentic online seller will offer a grading report (also known as certification) for the stone you’re purchasing. Certifications are most common for diamond purchases. However, you can demand a grading report for other gemstones as well.

Note that there are no additional charges for this, and it comes from a gemological laboratory.

2.      Prioritize Sellers offering Reliable Refund Policy

On the About Us, Services, or Contact Us page, you will also find a section talking about the company’s refund and reliability policies. If not on these pages, you will find it on the FAQs page. If it’s not available there as well, you can send an email their way to inquire about their policies.

Opt for companies with supportive and cooperative customer care. Those who ask minimal questions when returning, work the best.

You should consider their insurance and shipping policies. Reputable and reliable jewelry sellers promise fully insured and free of cost shipping.

3.      Review Clientele’s Say

Thirdly, check out what the previous buyers have to say about the store. Were they satisfied with the quality of services? Would they shop again?

If yes, then it’s a good sign. Go ahead! Other than that, also check out the observations and recommendations of the clientele. Take notes of what things to take care of when shopping from a particular vendor.

4.      Research the Market Price

Lastly, to make your online purchase super safe, research the market price of your preferred stones. You can do so by reviewing the prices of various online vendors. If you’re very skeptical, you can verify the online prices against the prices offered by physical stores as well. Usually, an online store would charge you 2-5 percent above the physical store charges, and it’s only fair since they’ll have it done for you without having to set a step outside.

Online Purchase Tip: Make the Best of Wide-Variety Options

Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, online shopping opens an endless range of options for you. You need not feel limited by the options offered by one vendor only. Instead, you can browse multiple sites, explore a variety of options, and check what works best for you.

We’d recommend exploring amethyst engagement rings. These are aesthetic, economical, and an excellent representation of your bond with your beloved. The stone amethyst itself represents spirituality. So, with the exchange of this wrong, you vow to tie yourself to spirituality and spiritual growth in general. Plus, these purplish stones are 1/4th the price of diamonds.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the safety of your online purchase largely depends on your course of action. If you proceed with the process carefully, as per the guidelines given above, you’ll make a safe and wise purchase. If you don’t, consequences will be expensive!


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