Hair Loss and Restoration

by Carter Toni

male hair transplant patient

It is said that for every problem there’s a solution. At unfortunate times when there isn’t one, the solution is usually just time. However, hair loss is an exception when it comes to letting time pass.

It is common to experience hair loss due to reasons that are stress-related and genetic, particularly in men. 21st-century medical technology and expertise offer the gift of hair restoration via hair transplants. Because it is your own hair strands that are transplanted to cover your balding areas, you must still have healthy hair elsewhere on your head which means that in this case, time isn’t your friend.

The bright side is that there has never been a better time to opt for a hair transplant. It is a procedure in which humankind has achieved excellent results for affordable prices if you chose the right place to restore your lost hair.

Where to get the most affordable hair transplant?

Now that you know your balding spots can easily be looking youthful again by undergoing a hair transplant, you may be wondering if it will break the bank. If you live in Europe, Canada, or the US, the simple answer is yes. If you love travelling and would like to receive the highest quality treatment from the hands of the best surgeons in the world for a fractal of what you would pay in the West, the answer changes dramatically. Hair transplant costs in Turkey are in fact very affordable and proven to be the best along with the friendliest patient care and ultra-modern facilities.

How much it will actually cost in your case is in direct correlation with the area you want to be restored, in other words; the more grafts transplanted, the higher the cost will be. What is meant by a hair graft is the tiny piece of tissue that may comprise between one to four hair follicles. Hair grafts that are healthy and robust are extracted from your donor area and transplanted to areas with weaker, fewer, or dead hair follicles. This means that you may wish to cover a larger area with less graft density or a smaller area with a thicker density per square centimetre with the same amount of grafts and it would more or less cost the same.

How many hair follicles are transplanted?

The answer depends on how many grafts do I need.To make things easier, there’s a means of balding scale measure to determine one’s severity of hair loss. It is called the Norwood scale and its stages range from 1 to 7, with the first indicating the initial indications of hair loss and the final indicating full hair loss across the top of the head.

This means that you should first figure out your Norwood scale. Typically, stagestwo to four may require 800 to 1500 grafts whereas stages four to seven may require 2000 grafts and well above but after all, it will all depend on the hair density you wish on your appearance and on your budget.Approximately 4,000 grafts are used in an average hair transplant. However, as mentioned above, the extent of the area to be covered is the determining factor.

What is included in the operation in Turkey?

Turkey is a medical tourism paradise: Full packages that include VIP airport transfers, luxury hotel accommodation, hotel – clinic transfers, your medical consultation and hair transplant procedure by a top surgeon, pre and post-procedure medicines, your personal interpreter, and a goodie bag start from as low as USD2000 in Turkey. That is literally cheaper than the carpet you will buy at Istanbul’s famous Grand Bazaar.

Can I have another operation before or after a hair transplant?

The answer is yes, but you need to check it with your cosmetic clinic in Turkey. Some cosmetic surgeries take a longer time to heal and you might want to plan your schedule wisely to achieve the best results. If you are considering restoring your youthful appearance, confidence, and charm, consider deeper research, speak to friends who have undergone the hair restoration journey, and start thinking about how it will make you feel. When you are ready, Turkey awaits with all its charm, amazing sites, friendly people, delicious cuisine, and turquoise beaches.

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