HBO Go vs. Netflix: A Brief Comparison of Features, Quality, and Costs

by James Martin

Let’s define HBO Go and Netflix before we compare them. Due to the presence of HBO Now and the newly announced HBO Max/TV — all three are HBO-branded streaming services — there may be some confusion about HBO GO. On the other hand, HBO Go is exclusively available to those who already have an HBO cable television subscription. You can take an easy start by visiting the HBOMax TV Sign in page and enjoying the ultimate Streaming Services.

It was introduced in 2010 as a streaming service as an add-on for cable subscribers who wanted access to additional channels not available on cable.

Another streaming service that costs a monthly subscription fee for access to television shows, movies, and documentaries is Netflix. You can access this information from an endless number of devices, from any location, at any time, if you have internet access.

HBO Go and Netflix (See Netflix login easy guide)are virtually the same services, so which one you choose depends entirely on your preferences. Let’s compare HBO Go and Netflix to see which one is best for you, or if you should subscribe to both.

Packages and costs

HBO Go is available to everyone who has a cable subscription to HBO. Your monthly charge could range from $5 to $20, depending on the cable package you choose—request that the streaming services and packages be added to your cable subscription by contacting your cable company. Before enrolling you, they will verify that you are genuinely subscribed. That is all there is to it.

Netflix offers a thirty-day free trial period to new consumers, giving them enough time to decide whether or not to join. As a subscriber, you enter your credit card information when you log into the app via the Netflix login page, and if you don’t cancel your membership after one month, the second month’s payment will be deducted from your card.

Netflix provides customers with three different subscription choices. Basic, standard, and premium are the three grades, with the premium being the most expensive at $15.99 per month. The premium subscription contains 4K videos and allows up to four users to share a single account, utilizing it simultaneously.

HBO Go does not provide such bundles, and the only one it does provide includes all features. Yet, it offers “live streaming” of the bulk of its series, unlike Netflix.

This means that as soon as a new episode of Westworld is available on their cable bundle, you may watch it on your smartphone right away. This privilege does not apply to their live shows. The live shows can only be streamed one day after they have aired. The single HBO Go bundle permits three simultaneous users and offers high-definition video quality for most episodes and films.

Content Quality

Each platform’s content is the second most important consideration in your choosing. Netflix, HBO Max, and “HBO Go” all produce exclusive material not available anywhere. A TV show like “Game-of-Thrones” for HBO Max was a significant market pull during the show’s prime. Netflix also had original programming, such as Orange Is the New Black and a wide selection of films and documentaries.

On the other hand, only Netflix sources material from various distributors to present its users more comprehensive options. Outsourced content makes it possible to obtain classics, a prominent selling feature. Netflix subscribers have a better-quality experience with over 4,000 films to choose from, including classics and current shows, some of which are in 4K resolution.

HBO Go material is only available in 1080p if you have good internet access. You may also download content for later viewing on both platforms. The only way to get these downloads is to use the streaming service.

Devices Compatibility

Both streaming services are available on most of your devices, and even if they aren’t, the vast prevalence of you will figure something out. For example, if you don’t have a smart TV, you can use a Chromecast to turn your non-smart TV into a smart TV.

Nonetheless, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android and iOS smartphones, PlayStation 4, Android TV, Chromecast, and Apple TV are compatible with both streaming services. For Netflix and HBO Go, Apple TV is frequently recommended.

So, what are your thoughts?

With Netflix’s 30-day free trial, now is the perfect moment to sit back, watch, and decide if this is the streaming service for you. Indeed, the simplest way to choose between them is to test them both out and then cancel your subscription to the one you don’t like.





















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