How to choose the best health insurance singapore in 2022

by James Martin

Are you in the market for the best health insurance in Singapore that can cater for your next year’s health cost? Then it’s no surprise that you’ve landed on this page where you’ll discover the solution to your problems. Before we dive right into how to select the best health insurance plan for you, let’s brush up on our overall knowledge of health insurance in Singapore.

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Health insurance is a type of insurance that offers medical and financial protection from all health-related issues. Getting good health insurance can help you guard against financial crisis, debt, and even bankruptcy.

You don’t have to wait until you find yourself stricken by an unexpected ailment before you get health insurance. Why not get a good health insurance company that will provide you with a high level of medical care. In other to select the best health insurance in Singapore for you, you have to factor in your particular medical needs, wants, and budget. Many individuals usually have health insurance through their employers, parents, spouse, or some other sources. However, if you don’t currently have a good health insurance then you can sign up for private health insurance from the best health insurance Singapore to ensure a healthy future for yourself and your family.

How expensive is the healthcare system in Singapore 

Coming to Singapore, the first question that puzzled my mind was how expensive their health care system is. And I was in total shock, upon my first hospital bill. The hospital bill of some basic medical healthcare can cost a lot.

Choosing the best healthcare insurance to cover your next year’s healthcare can be perplexing. Many people struggle to understand the terms and conditions of healthcare insurance. In other to select the best healthcare plan you need to have a full understanding of their conditions, procedures, and medical test which the plan covers.

Choosing the best healthcare insurance in Singapore for 2022

Every Singaporean is covered by the MediShield Life plan which covers the most basic medical needs. However, it was assessed that more than two-thirds of Singaporeans are also paying for an integrated shield plan (IP) from one of seven private insurers which include;

  • Aviva MyShield
  • AIA Healthshield Gold Max
  • NTUC IncomeShield
  • AXA Shield
  • Great Eastern Supreme Health
  • Prudential PruShield
  • Raffles Shield

Hence, you’ll have over 25 integrated shield plans option to choose from. Sounds like a lot of work right? It’s doesn’t have to be. Making your decision is quite easy. You only need to have a little idea of the level of coverage you want, and the rest is easy. Let’s compare some integrated shield plans to help make your choice easier.

  1. Know the limits of your MediShield Life plan.

Before you buy an integrated shield plan, you should first check out what MediShield Life covers, so you understand why you’d need to get an Integrated Shield plan. MediShield Life is government-issued and it’s very affordable, but has many limitations.

  1. Select the coverage you want (ward class)

To select the best healthcare plan you need to know and select the coverage you require from the integrated shield plan. Some plans cover medical bills from public hospitals and other plans that cover private hospitals, once you’ve decided, your plans option would have been narrowed down to around 4 or 6.

  1. Know what you’re looking for in an integrated shield plan

You don’t need to read through the entire policy documents of all the integrated shield plan. All you need to look out for are these 3 things;

  • Cost of Premiums
  • Pre and post hospitalization coverage
  • Annual coverage limit



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