Hiring a Pest Control Service for Your Business – What You Need to Know

by Carter Toni

There are always lots of things you have to deal with when you are running a business. One thing that you may not have factored into your business is pests. When you discover that you have a pest problem on your business premises, you can feel lots of emotions; however, getting to grips with the situation and calling in a professional pest control service is what you must focus on. Not all pest controllers and services offered are the same. So, to ensure you get the right one for your business, here are a few points you may wish to consider:

The Type of Pest/s You are Dealing With

Through monitoring, you should be able to establish what type of pests you are dealing with. For example, by monitoring droppings you may discover that you are tackling a rodent problem. It is important to understand what type of pest you are dealing with so you know who to contact. Not all pest controllers handle the same pests. Some may be rodent specialists, while others may focus on bugs and insects. Once you know what you are facing you can then start narrowing down service providers.

How Treatment is Undertaken

Once you have started your search for suitable providers, you then want to look at how the treatment is undertaken. See what methods are used, when, why and how. Some pest controllers can work on controlling and eradicating pests through natural solutions such as traps. While some may focus on using poisonous treatments. It is important that you establish what treatments are used and why. You need to plan and prepare your business premises for treatment, especially when you have staff on site.

Which Companies are Highly Reputable

You now know the treatments on offer, but which companies are highly reputable, and which ones can you depend on? You need to use a highly reputable and recommended company like Shield Pest Control to ensure that you get safe and visible results. If a pest control service does not have a fantastic reputation it could impact your business operations and daily services. It could also mean that pest eradication and control costs more than it needs to, if it is not done correctly the first time.

Availability and Price

No two providers will charge the same for their services, and it is important to break down what you are getting for the price you pay. A reputable pest controller will be able to give you a breakdown of their prices, and they will also be able to inform you of their availability. If a provider is not forthcoming with this information, then start to ask yourself why?

Frequency of Visits and Treatments

To make your final decision about which provider to use, you must understand how many visits will be required. If a pest controller has to visit your premises several times, this may become an inconvenience to your business operations. Talking to a provider about a pest management program from the outset will help you gain clarity on the frequency of visits and type of treatments required.

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