How Does uKnowva HRMS Bind People With The Future Of Workplaces?

by Carter Toni

Organisations still don’t fully grasp how digitalisation continues to radically alter how people and their HR teams interact at work. This is because HRMS is a relatively new concept for many companies. The digital age can be scary. The truth is that it will only provide enormous new value for customers and the business because of the outputs it delivers. Still, it will also give the workforce access to brand-new positions and ways to deal with problems.

With the help of automation and digitisation, HR professionals can reimagine the work done across the organisation and HR. To adapt the organisation and modernise the workplace to promote employee collaboration, HR must switch to a fully agile and flexible model, allowing rapid customisations at workplaces in the future.

uKnowva’s primary goal is to provide digital HR transformation for businesses to find their footing in a world that is constantly growing and adapting. Organisations leverage this tool primarily to automate time-consuming daily tasks and make more impact with their bandwidth and capabilities. Welcoming newer workplace norms is easier with an advanced HRMS like uKnowva, where the dependency on paperwork is less or negligible. Tasks are also on time with complete transparency, yet there is no micromanagement. Even the hiring process is seamless from day one. But let’s dig deeper to understand how this new generation HRMS is going to support the firms of tomorrow with excellence.

4 Ways uKnowva HRMS Prepares People For Future Workplaces:

Constantly improving employee experience

uKnowva HRMS digitally transforms organisations from process-based to purpose-based teams. The entire system is based on providing seamless and user-friendly experiences to each employee.

With uKnowva, HR teams focus on the employee experience as they create an environment where the employees are a priority. This is possible by increasing transparent communication and rewarding employees according to performance. uKnowva makes monitoring and checking in with your employees easier. With an HRMS that improves accessibility in the workplace, CHROs and their teams have the right capability and capacity to enhance the employee experience.

Employee well-being is essential and is becoming a mandate

uKnowva HRMS uses a simple interface for calculating employee happiness metre. It is enabled with the happiness metre integration with the Virtual Biometric System. Every employee punches in with the emotion they are feeling at the moment. The same process is when someone logs out. New people might wonder what the use of these emoticons is. But it creates a significant impact at the backend where analytical reports churn this data to make sense concerning employees’ happiness.

Because when employees are happy, organisations function better. Happiness is contagious, and so are anxiety, depression, and fatigue. So, if employees go through burnout episodes, the emotion will spread out into teams, even for remote working units. That’s because people talk and extend their coordination and collaboration on uKnowva HRMS. Therefore, every individual’s happiness and well-being matter. That’s where uKnowva’s live reports and visual dashboards are leveraging functionality for HR individuals or teams. Reporting managers know when their employees are happy and when they are most tired or bored. It helps them make sound decisions in the long run and allocate projects accordingly.

Provides analytics for data-backed information

The significance of people analytics within the HR department has truly increased exponentially because it is easier to make decisions based on data. Before analytics, companies would make close approximations, and although this was important at the time, this wasn’t as effective as it seemed. There had to be a way for companies to access real-time data so that they could make better decisions.

unknown provides companies with all the information relating to their workforce, from securely storing employee information to viewing their performance and attendance records. This helps paint a better picture for companies when making decisions that can impact their workforce.

Skill Development of the workforce

The last way a cloud HRMS like uKnowva, binds people for the future is by helping companies develop their workforce by upskilling them whenever necessary through its latest eLMS function. The reality is the world is moving very fast. The best way to ensure that the workforce can handle the future is by letting businesses upscale their current workers so that they can adapt to a future in which artificial intelligence (AI) and technology will be part of everyday life.

For many businesses, staying competitive requires the ability to reskill and upskill their personnel. Maintaining the relevance of your workforce with new skill sets has never been more crucial, given how swiftly technological advancements are occurring.

Thankfully uKnowva helps companies deal with this aspect of reality with the help of the eLMS extension, through which employees can constantly upskill and improve upon their knowledge in a changing industry.


uKnowva helps companies pave the way for the future by automating and streamlining time-consuming and mundane tasks. uKnowva HRMS binds people for future organisations with the points we have seen above.

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