How Is Los Angeles Such A Dangerous Place For Pedestrians?

by Carter Toni

Los Angeles continues to have some of the highest rates of pedestrian deaths and injuries due to the enormous volume of vehicles that make the city famous for its congestion bottlenecks. As they attempt to negotiate the dangerous city roads, hundreds of people perish each year and even more suffer injuries. In order to obtain damages and receive compensation for their bodily and mental injuries, many pedestrian accident victims choose to consult with an accomplished Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer. We examine some of the causes of the occurrence of these horrific events below.

California traffic accidents- the data

The Governor’s Highway Safety Association reports that California frequently tops the country in pedestrian fatalities, with 2016 ranking as one of the deadliest on record, with 359 deaths in the year’s first half alone. Los Angeles recorded 85 pedestrian fatalities the year before, which is a startling statistic when you realize that the total number of deaths in  California state peaked at about 400. The figures show that up to 50% of these collisions occur at night, including a driver who had been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Despite the city of Los Angeles’ ongoing promises to act to improve matters, pedestrian injuries are still a challenging issue to address.

What makes LA more dangerous?

Los Angeles is more hazardous for pedestrians due to a number of variables, including its size and ability to be traversed on foot. One reason is that more people are using their cell phones while walking or driving, which is distracting both drivers and pedestrians and increasing the likelihood of accidents. Roadway congestion and hectic traffic add to the problem. Many motorists become so impatient with traffic that they drive too aggressively and frequently miss seeing a pedestrian coming. Additionally, it is significantly more challenging for pedestrians to walk across the street safely without crosswalks at some crossroads.

The city is not achieving enough success in ultimately reducing the number of pedestrian accidents, despite the GHSA’s many recommendations to reduce the frequency of pedestrian accidents, such as adding more sidewalks or streetlights.

How can a pedestrian accident lawyer help?

It can be challenging to determine who was at fault in these collisions because most auto insurance companies choose to point the finger at the pedestrian. The truth is that Los Angeles drivers’ carelessness and recklessness almost always put pedestrians to blame. A Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer will not accept anything other than what you receive in a personal injury lawsuit.

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