How to Add More Comfort To Your Living Room

by Carter Toni

When you get home after a long day out of the house, you want to relax, and you want to relax in both comfort and style. Adding comfort to an important area of your home – the living room – is essential. When you can unwind and relax in your living room, you can then digest the day, share memories with loved ones, and recharge your batteries for the following day. However, where do you start adding more comfort to your living room, and what do you need to look at first?

The Lighting and Ambience is Important

You will struggle to relax if bright lighting is used in your living room, or if daylight (bright white) bulbs are used in light fittings. Softand warm lighting is essential, and having warmer (more yellow) bulbs in light fittings, as well as having side lampsand table lamps are what you should be focusing on. Central light fittings in a home will draw your attention to the whole room, but this is not necessarily what you want to do. Softer and smaller lights that perhaps only light up a corner (or area of a room) often work better.

Focus on the Soft Furnishings

When you have plenty of areas and spaces to sit in, you can then relax, and you can certainly feel more comfortable. The soft furnishings that you add or upgrade in your living room have to be fit for purpose, and (above all) they have to be comfortable. If you like the look of a couch or sofa, but realize it is not comfortable or easy to sit on, then this will not work. You need to look at adding comfortable seating to your living room because these items will add comfort. That’s why a sofa with ottoman is always a good choice. When you can relax on something such as a giant bean bag or sofa with your partner in the evening (or even on your own), you know that you have successfully elevated how comfortable your living room is.

Layering Rugs

Whether you have wooden floors, tiled floors, or carpeted floors, you still need to focus on adding rugs to your living room. Rugs of any size and shape can be layered within your living area, and they can make a space feel cozy and snug (all year round). When you are layering rugs, you need to think about mixing shapes and styles. Bold pints, together with old-fashioned tasseled rugs, can look good in any style.

Focusing on the Paint Scheme

A warm and natural paint scheme, or palette is what you should be working towards. Cold colors, or stark colors such as grey and white, can be OK, but they can be cold and difficult to warm up. Using natural and earthier tones can sometimes be better and more beneficial to your room’s whole look and feel. When you are choosing color schemes and palettes, you should try and keep things as simple as you can, as this way, you can add drama and style using soft furnishings and accessories.

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