How to Become a Locksmith – the Complete Guide in 2022 

by James Martin

When you have finally decided that you will want to be a locksmith, knowing how to get started is important. There are courses that you will have to undertake, and certifications to be obtained. In this article, we provide you with an overview of what you need to become a locksmith and start your business or work with other recognized locksmiths. Remember that some people start their training by going to class and getting certified, while others go the apprenticeship route.

Locksmith training in the UK

The locksmith industry is wide and covers both domestic and commercial sectors, and because of this, the prospects that locksmiths have throughout the year are big. If you are reputable, you get jobs coming your way every day.

Available locksmith courses

Reputable trainers offer various locksmith courses at their recommended training facilities. Among the most common qualifications for locksmiths in the UK is the level 3 locksmith qualification. Others are level 4 locksmith accreditation and a variety of other courses that are NCFE accredited.

Do you need accreditation before you start training?

No accreditation is required before you start training as a locksmith. However, having a driving license that is valid in the United Kingdom is recommended because the job involves driving around. 

Moreover, there is no prior qualification necessary before you start training as a locksmith. However, there are certain attributes that you will require for you to succeed as a locksmith. For instance, you should be interested in understanding mechanics, electronics, and a wide range of DIY skills. Also, you will need to be analytical, have an inquisitive mind and you should be keen on detail. The courses will provide you with an in-depth understanding.

After you have covered the requisite courses, you will be fully equipped with the requisite skills and techniques which you need to work as a locksmith. There will be both theoretical and scenario training courses, so you should be prepared to cover both.

What locksmith course cover?

Locksmith courses cover non-destructive techniques that you can employ to open a door without damaging it. The course will give you an in-depth understanding of different kinds of doors, locks, and the latest locksmithing methods that you can employ.At the entry-level, you will be able to come out with level 4 accreditation which will enable you to open the most modern locks using the right tools and techniques.

Tools necessary for locksmith training

Most reputable and established locksmith training providers will provide the necessary tools. However, you will be using tools that include chisels, mole grips, screwdrivers, drills, drill bits, rulers. Tape measures and rulers among other tools which can be used for picking and snapping.

What to expect after being accredited as a locksmith in the UK

After you are accredited to become a locksmith In the UK, a rewarding career will be awaiting you. You will be able to determine how many hours you work every day. Depending on how hard you work, you should be able to earn enough money that is at par or more with what other technicians in either field take home.


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