5+ Tips to Wear Herringbone Chain for Men 2022

by James Martin

Herringbone chain is a popular type of chain often worn by men. It is stylish and versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. If you’re looking to add a herringbone chain to your collection, here are seven tips to help you choose the right one and wear it with style.

Herringbone Chain Design and Construction

Herringbone chain is characterized by small, diamond-shaped links that form a zigzag pattern. The links are usually attached using round jump rings, though some may use square or triangular jump rings instead. You can easily distinguish a herringbone chain from other chains by the way it hangs and feels around your neck. It’s also important to look at the links’ construction: high-quality herringbone chains will be made with tight and uniform links that lie flat against one another. If you notice too much space between each link or it is not all uniform in shape, it’s probably best to avoid buying such a piece even with regular wear. It may eventually lose its shape and fall apart.

Match the Chain’s Width to Your Outfit

Wide chains look best with wide collars that have a deep V-shape or a spread of at least 3 or 4 inches; otherwise, they’ll make your neck appear thicker than usual and will be uncomfortable to wear as well. If you’re wearing a collarless shirt, try pairing your herringbone chain with a vest instead–it’s an excellent way to add some extra color and texture to any outfit, as long as you match the colors correctly. You can also wear a herringbone chain under a sweater if you don’t want it drawing much attention; this is particularly useful during colder months when formal attire isn’t required.

Pair Solid Colored Chains with Solid Garments

Pairing a solid-colored metal chain with a patterned shirt or sweater is usually not recommended. Instead, try wearing lighter tones for your clothes and jewelry whenever possible; this helps create an even more refined appearance that won’t be easily forgotten by anyone who sees you

Make Sure the Chain Doesn’t Disrupt Your Collar’s V-Shaped Structure

When buying a herringbone chain, always make sure that it is wide enough to fit inside your shirt collar (the widest part). If you intend on wearing ties with relatively narrow ends, be extra careful about this since they may not fit correctly underneath half of the links in your chain; if this happens, consider getting a slightly shorter one instead.

Wear Herringbone Chains during Daytime and Evening Outings

Herringbone chains are widely considered evening wear because of their polished look and luxurious feel against the skin. But don’t be afraid to wear yours even during the day, especially if you’re going for an informal vibe; it’s best not to wear one underneath a suit jacket since this is traditionally considered workwear and can easily make others feel uncomfortable around you.

Bottom Line

Herringbone chains are a great way to add flair and texture to your outfit. When wearing the chain, make sure it complements an outfit’s color palette or is neutral in hue, so it doesn’t detract from other important pieces of clothing. It should also compliment your collar style with either open or closed links. Ensure you wear herringbone chains during daytime and evening outings for maximum versatility.

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