How to Choose the Perfect Graduation Gift

by Carter Toni

Whether it is your child, partner, close friend, or family member graduating this year, the best way to show how proud you are of their achievements is to buy them a gift that actually means something rather than a generic bottle of champagne.

With that in mind, continue reading to learn how to choose the perfect graduation gift.

Find Out What They Are Majoring In

One of the best places to start when deciding what to buy for a graduation present is to look at what their undergraduate, or indeed postgraduate, degree is in, and more specifically, the exact subject that your loved one is majoring in.

For example, if their degree is in geography, majoring in environmental and animal welfare, then sponsoring an animal from a reputable and renowned wildlife charity will mean much more than something entirely unrelated.

An Adventure or Experience

Regardless of whether your loved one is a self-described proverbial adrenaline junkie or not, another fantastic idea when sourcing the perfect graduation present is to look into local adventure or experience days.

This way, not only are you recognizing their academic achievement, but you are also providing them with a once-in-a-lifetime experience in which they will create new and exciting memories as they break out of their comfort zone.

From supercar racing and quad-biking to an overnight stay at a health spa and pool complex or a luxury pamper night at home, the world is your proverbial oyster when it comes to choosing a red-letter day that your loved one will cherish forever.

A Start-Up Business Fund

If your loved one has graduated with a degree in business, or else a business-related subject, then if you feel you want to give them something a little more substantial for their graduation day that they can turn into something profitable and become passionate about, then consider a start-up business fund.

Perhaps they are interested in starting their own jewelry business online, for example, and you could create a comprehensive start-up for them, including their first batch of profitable yet beautiful jewelry products to sell and hire a professional website designer to help them on their way.

A Travel Journal

Whether or not your close friend or family member who is just coming to the end of their time at university is planning to take a year out to travel, the gift of a leather-bound and beautifully presented travel journal will certainly be well received.

The benefits of encouraging your loved one to travel, especially if they have yet to experience different cultures, countries, and ways of life, are numerous and genuinely life-enhancing, including but not limited to, the following:

  • The ability to immerse themself in an entirely new culture
  • The development of new and exciting life skills
  • The discovery of a previously hidden and undiscovered life passion and love
  • The encouragement to decide what it is they would like to do as a career
  • The improvement of their emotional health and wellbeing
  • The enhancement of their resume
  • The feeling of spontaneity and ‘living in the moment’

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