How to Clean Blue Light Glasses – 3 Proven Ways  

by James Martin

Blue light eyeglasses can help protect your eyes against blue light from the environment during the day, and also from your computers. It’s generally known that blue lights are not friendly to your eyes and may be associated with negative effects. By wearing a pair of blue ray glasses, you can increase the amount of melatonin that is produced in your body, which leads to a better quality of sleep. However, your blue light filter glasses may attract dust and other forms of dirt, hence the need to have them cleaned. If you don’t clean them more often, you will most probably not get the best acuity from your glasses.

Cleaning Your Blue Light Classes

Generally, blue light glasses don’t have a tint applied on their surface but have built-in technology that is fitted into the lens itself. There are two acceptable ways of cleaning your blue light glasses.

Method 1: Use Clean Water And A Soft Cloth

  • Get a small or medium-sized bowl and pour some clean water inside.
  • Dip your blue light glasses into the water
  • Rub the glasses with a clean soft cloth
  • Remove the glasses and let them dry for a few minutes
  • Wipe the glasses dry with a soft clean cloth, ensuring that no water is left on the surface of the glasses.

Method 2: Use Of Optometry Cleaning Solution

  • This second method works perfectly well, but unlike the first method, it involves the use of chemicals.
  • But a glass lens cleaning detergent or solution from your optometrist.
  • Spray a small amount of that solution into the computer glasses.
  • Rub the lenses gently using a clean cloth. The best result is achieved when you use a cloth that is specifically made for cleaning eyeglasses.

Method 3: Cleaning Your Glasses Using Acetone

The third method that you can use to clean your eyeglasses is using acetone.  But remember that acetone can only be used for glass and not plastic glasses. Here is the procedure to follow:

  • Put a small piece of soft  cloth inside the acetone
  • Gently wipe the surface of your glasses
  • Clean the glass with mild soapy water
  • Wipe your glasses clean and leave them to dry.

Things To Take Into Account When Cleaning Your Eyeglasses

  • You should avoid using very hot or very cold water while cleaning your glasses because this may cause permanent damage to your frames, especially if they are made of a plastic material.
  • Restrict yourself to using a soft fabric because a rough one could leave scratch lines on the surface of your lens, therefore making it cumbersome to see through.
  • Don’t use a harsh chemical solution to clean your glasses.

Final Thoughts 

To maintain the integrity of your blue light glasses and to keep them in the best condition, you must learn how to clean the glasses. This ensures that they last longer, and serve you as expected all the time. With proper care, your blue light glasses will protect you against the dangers that are associated with blue light. When you compare the two methods that we have discussed above, the second method might appear better than the first, but some prefer the first method because there are no chemicals used.


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