How to create a Facebook Profile?

by Glenn Maxwell

Facebook is one of the top social networks. Its audience totals thousands of users from all corners of the world. The social network allows making new acquaintances and staying in touch with friends from distant countries. A lot of personal information is specified on profiles upon registration.

How to Create a Facebook Profile?

If you want to join the community and register on the social network, here’s how to make profile on Facebook:

  1. Go to the official platform and find the “Sign up” button in the upper right corner of the website.
  2. Specify a full name (the first name and a surname), the date of birth, as well as come up with a password.
  3. Upon clicking on the “Confirm” хъ, you’ll be asked to verify your account. It is possible to verify the account in two ways, namely email and phone number.

Authentication via Phone Number

This is the most common way to prove your identity when registering on social networks. A confirmation code is sent to the specified phone to make sure that a real person is creating the account on the platform. However, some users are not eager to enter their real numbers to avoid blackmailing, stalking, or other illegal actions in the case of account hacking and data leakage.

In such cases, a temp number for Facebook will help enjoy staying on the portal and feeling secure. A fake number is bought online and used to improve privacy when chatting with Internet users and browsing online portals.

Benefits of Fake Phone Solutions

Buying a fake online phone has the following advantages:

  1. 100% Anonymity & Privacy

Internet users do not have to specify private information; they keep data confidential. They can upload real photos and act like real people but in the case of hacking, a fake phone number will be stolen.

  1. Registration on forbidden Web resources

Some websites do not welcome residents of certain regions or countries. Connecting a virtual phone will be an easy way to bypass this ban. Internet users can get access to any platform, even a restricted one.

  1. Creating multiple accounts

You know that social networks allow registering only once. It is impossible to create several accounts using one number. So, having a virtual fake phone is the best way how to create Facebook profile.

  1. Verification without gadgets

Does it mean that people who do not have devices cannot register on online websites? An online phone allows for creating accounts on any online platform without having a physical gadget.

  1. Availability worldwide

The catalogs of numbers provided by services providers embrace hundreds of options from countries all over the world. Users can buy one or several numbers.

  1. The number stays with you in the case of moving

If you change location or even country, the number will still be active.

Ways to Share a Facebook Account

So, an online phone is the best way how to create fake Facebook account. Now, let’s find out how to introduce a new profile to friends and acquaintances.

To share your new account, you should copy a link (an address) and send it to friends or publish it on other networks.

Facebook offers a wide range of functionalities for users. They can personalize their accounts, update info and photos, and follow friends and celebrities. Thus, the pastime spent on Facebook is entertaining and exciting. Moreover, if you’re sure that nothing threatens your privacy.

If you want to enjoy chatting with acquaintances on the go, a Facebook mobile application is available. Download the software to stay in touch anywhere and anytime.

Reasons to Connect Fake Phones for Authentication on Facebook

  1. Keep data safe

Forget about worries about profile hacking and enjoy browsing friends’ profiles. Even if hackers get access to your profile, they will get fake data.

  1. Prevent selling of information

Although each website meets the principles of the Responsibly Policy and guarantees that personal data won’t be distributed to third parties, there are cases when data selling occurs. It is difficult to expose unreliable portals. Thus, it is better not to risk and register via a virtual phone. This solution will help avoid many problems.

  1. Prevent stalking or harassment

Getting users’ private data entails lots of illegal actions, such as blackmailing, harassment, stalking, etc. If no real info is specified, scammers won’t simply have a tool for their illegal activity. Thus, specifying fake information can save users from being abused by fraudsters.

  1. Use it for business accounts

Some users have both personal and business accounts on Facebook. How to register them? What if a user had created a personal account but later started a business and needed another one? The Facebook policy does not allow registering multiple accounts. So, buying a fake phone for creating a business account is the best solution.

Fake numbers are a good tool for different kinds of activities on social networks, including Facebook. This solution allows for solving such problems, such as the creation of multiple accounts (business and personal ones), avoiding data leakage, preventing users from harassment and other types of illegal activity, etc. Thus, buying a virtual phone will help spend time on Facebook and chat with friends with pleasure and without worries.

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