How to Create the ‘Wow Factor’in Your Rental Property

by Carter Toni

Although you may think that there is not much point in creating the ‘wow factor’for the property that you are intending to rent out, you will quickly find that you are mistaken. Yes, there is an extra cost involved, but having a property on the rental market that oozes luxury living is a highly desirable novelty.

You are likely to find that you will not only be able to ask top dollar for rent,and get it, but you will also have to turn prospective tenants away. This will prove to be highly beneficial to you in the respect that your property will not be empty for long periods, and, therefore, be costing you money in missed rent.

#1 Install a Stylish Modern Kitchen

Installing a new kitchen is going to cost a lot of money, especially if you are opting to have all of the latest mod-cons with them. However, to get the wow factor, you must think of the properties that you are going up against, which, let’s face it, aren’t going to have any.

Therefore, you only need to add a couple of really ‘can’t live without’ additions to put your rental property head and shoulders aboveall the others. Of course, you will have to go all out with the overall look, as first impressions do matter when attracting the right kind of tenant.

#2 Have a Neutral Color Palette Throughout

Undoubtedly, you are going to want your rental property to look spacious, regardless of how large or small it is. Painting all of the walls the same neutral color throughout is both aesthetically pleasing and practical for a rental home, as well as being able to create the illusion of space.

A neutral color on the walls will help any potential tenant be able to visualize their possessions and furniture in the rooms that your property offers, and possibly more important to you, will be far easier to repaint or touch up areas between tenant agreements.

#3 Fit Luxury Flooring to Create Warmth

Another factor to make your rental property feel more expansive is to have the same flooring throughout, rather than having different rooms zoned from each other. When it comes to the ground floor, think about hardwood flooring as this can be placed in every room including the kitchen, utility room, and any cloakrooms the home may have.

Having carpets on the stairs and in bedrooms will provide a hint of luxury, especially if they are of a particular quality. Undeniably, your best option is to speak to a flooring specialist, such as Bristol’s largest carpet showroom, to ascertain what is the best and hardest-wearing luxury carpet on offer and then select from the color ranges available.

#4 Create Low Maintenance Exterior Areas

Regardless of whether the property comes with an acre of land or whether it comes with just a balcony, you should make sure that it is as low maintenance and smart as you possibly can. A few potted plants on a balcony can look stunning, especially if they are evergreen shrubs that require little to no knowledge of care from your tenants. If you are not sure about this tactic, there are some very real-looking artificial plants now available on the market, which will enable you to dress the balcony in style without the risk of your plants dying or being uncared for.

If, however, the property has an average to large garden, you should make sure that there is a designated entertainingor living area, as well as flower borders packed with flowering shrubs and evergreen plants that will be there all year round. By covering the soil with weed-suppressing material, and covering it with either woodchips or gravel, you will be saving your tenants weeding time and have the outdoor space looking fantastic. Having the largest expanse lawned will not only look attractive but will provide an area for children to play or adults to relax.

To Wrap It All Up

Many landlords do not put much effort into their rental properties, and most are likely to think purely about the amount of profit that they could get and, therefore, renovate the properties as cheaply as possible. Although this does serve a purpose, it is highly unlikely that they will be attracting the elite tenants that will pay top dollar and respect the property that they are renting. To attract these types of tenants and the money that they will bring you, you will need to provide a highly superior finish to the interior and the exterior of the property.

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