How to Do Squats With Resistance Bands – A Full Guide

by James Martin


Doing squats with resistance bands has been proven to deliver amazing results.  Resistance bands of different bands can be used to make the environment that you exercise in difficult and this helps to improve the quality of workout results that you achieve. Notably, you can easily move with bands because they are cheap and light, so you will find it easy working out while on the go. The bands also provide a fantastic stepping stone for those interested in adding weight to their squat.

How to do a resistance banded squat

Here are the steps that you should follow when doing a banded squat.

  • Prepare in the same way, like you would do an air squat. Your legs need to be placed apart and place the band in the middle of your thighs, and somehow below the knees.
  • Lower yourself to form a squat, and get your hips pushed backward like you are sitting in a chair. Keep your back in an upright position and descend, until when your thighs are at a parallel position to the floor. Make sure that you hold this position for between 1-3 seconds.
  • Rise from your squat’s bottom side just in the same way you would be waking up from a chair. Ensure that your knees don’t cave in, and ensure that all sections of your foot touch the ground. Squeeze the top side of your glutes to complete the movement.

Moves that help to Strengthen Glutes

If you want something more challenging than what the standard banded squat presents, then these variations of resistance band workout should help.

  1. Banded squat jack
  • You can try variations that add some plyometric elements to your personalized squats. This means that it’s fantastic for both strength and cardio. For this movement, you should ensure that your brand is positioned around your ankles.
  • Go down until you reach the lowest of your squat.
  • Move your feet into the ground to launch your body upwards in a jump. This should help bring your feet shoulder apart at the movement’s top side.
  • Repast the same procedure.
  1. Anchored hinge squat

You will need a larger loop band to complete this movement, and this kind of variation will assist you to perfect your form and can be used in the form of an exercise and also as a warm-up. You should follow this procedure:

  • Tie your brand around a pole, or anything else that’s behind you.
  • Get into the band, place it into your hips, and move forward to build tension.
  • Push your hips back again, while your knees are blended. Make sure that you stop before the position of your thighs gets parallel to the floor.
  • Get back to a standing position, while squeezing your butt a little to complete the movement.
  1. Resistance band squat with a lateral lift

This unilateral leg variation uses a mini-loop band. Here is the procedure.

  • Do a banded-squatting.
  • After you reach the lowest of your squat, take one leg to the side then start rising. Stick your legs to the ground and ensure that you are well balanced.


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