Simple Ways to Learn Piano Online

by James Martin


Learning to play the piano can be daunting, and this becomes even harder when you want to play it online. This is why you must find a method to learn which makes the most of your money and time. The method of how to learn piano that you choose should also be engaging and fun.

Here are the best, yet easiest ways that you can use to learn piano online.

  1. YouTube Learning

YouTube has become the biggest learning platform that is available to everyone. No matter what you want to learn, this wonderful platform will always have something that is right for you. There is lots of high-quality content that can teach you how to play piano and there is a probability that you might be overwhelmed by the choices that you will make. The only problem with YouTube is that you might be lost about where to start. YouTube is amazing for fast and easy song tutorials. However, if you write down what you need, you will be able to locate the content that you need. Without this, you may find some haphazard content that may be missing.

  1. Private Online Learning 

These are one on one lessons where you procure the help of an online tutor who will help you to learn piano. Private lessons are somehow costly, but they are structured and effective, and you will find that it offers more personalized lessons. However, the limited time that you spend with the tutor will restrict you from making serious progress. However, the benefits that this method of learning piano outweighs the disadvantages which it offers.

  1. Video Style Learning

Even for those who want to learn piano, the rate at which technology is evolving is amazing, and you must take advantage of this. There are online programs that include Flowkey and Simply Piano that can help you practice piano on the web and provide you the feedback that you need regarding the accuracy, as well as the speed of your playing. Interestingly, the video game style of learning is interesting and guarantees the learner lots of fun. These programs also offer lots of fun and you get actionable feedback since you get to know if you are playing properly or not.

  1. Playground Sessions

The Playground Sessions by Harry Connick Jr. is some kind of a hybrid program that combines video game style of learning and membership style sites that are available. This program connects you to the piano and teaches powerful skills. Although it teaches a lot of important things, it lacks some fundamental lessons, which you may try to get from other platforms.


There are various methods by which you can learn piano online. What you should be concerned about is the convenience that the method offers, its effectiveness, and the number of resources that are offered to you. If you choose one-on-one learning, the experience of the trainer should be a priority. You can choose paid methods for your learning and free online methods for practice.


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