How To Drive Engagement Using TikTok Contest In 2022? (Proven Ideas)

by Carter Toni

TikTok ranks the sixth-largest position among other social media platforms in the world. It stays ahead of Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest. With 100 million active users from the US alone. The TikTok platform ranks up as a popular social media platform. At the same time, 41% of the user base consists of Gen-Z, ranging between 16 to 24 years old. The number of users whose age range is 40 years and above is on a rising scale. Small businesses with a younger potential market should have a TikTok presence. Those with an old one need to consider developing TikTok visibility sooner. 

Another factor that makes your TikTok profile popular from other social media platforms. It is that you don’t need a huge fan following to go trending on TikTok. Moreover, letting you reach your audience and followers by providing engaging content. The TikTok app works for small businesses to share their brand and reach new audiences. A perfect method for small companies to enhance engagement on TikTok is by a contest. Understand the best way to run a contest on platforms. Moreover, conducting TikTok contests must need a bunch of significant facts: 

  • Know what content performs well on TikTok to improvise engagement. Start to work on TikTokLove that elevates your TikTok profile’s performance.
  • Studying TikTok’s community guidelines to make sure your content follows the rules. 

Schedule Your TikTok Contest

Start to select the relevant idea for your TikTok contest as an effective strategy. It would help if you planned it to ensure that it has the ideal chance of success. The target is to drive engagement, where you must have followers. Therefore, you must make clear plans before starting with the contest. Understanding your target will let you plan on which metrics to check and how to analyze them. Also, it would help if you began to come up with a hashtag for the contest to check followers. Then, start to advertise your TikTok contest using the number of options present for you. They are below for your reference: 

Associating with TikTok: It is an expensive method meant for huge brands. 

Hire Your Influencers: Choosing influencers for TikTok can be expensive based on their fan following. Micro-influencers are the best option for small businesses to improve their reach.

Offer Rewards: Desiring enough to expand organic reach through word of mouth. 

TikTok: Challenge Vs. Contests

One significant factor to recognize is through TikTok contests and challenges. It can look relevant but shouldn’t be chaotic. The TikTok challenge is an organic trend that does not control by a brand or business. Due to trending quality, look for contributions from over the world. One of the best examples of the TikTok platform is Renegade Challenge. It needs participants to skill a 15-step choreographed video sequence. It takes TikTok by storm, with star celebrities from Kourtney Kardashian to Oprah. By making engaging content, producing over 2.5 billion views in the contest. 

In the meantime, a TikTok contest controls brands and businesses that will offer a reward. A time limit might be a landing page and standards that sketch how long participants can take part. TikTok contests may use the algorithm of the challenges, but it is unique for a contest to make a challenge. Are you trying to improve your user engagement on your TikTok profile for your contest? Plan on buying TikTok likes helps to grow your profile by more website traffic. Meanwhile, conducting a TikTok ad campaign can offer effective results if you need to push engagement for your small business with an audience over your fans. TikTok contests are an effective way that can deploy the results for exposure. 

Analyzing TikTok trends is a valuable method of knowing what type of content resonates. There are no target rules to follow while coming up with ideas for TikTok contests. However, there are a couple of factors you must consider: 

  • Maintain the TikTok challenge reachable and straightforward.
  • Motivate authenticity and innovativeness.

Suppose you don’t have any idea about the analytics on TikTok. It can be challenging to understand what type of content strategies would perform well on TikTok. 

Sum Up Facts

From these above facts, it is evident that using TikTokLove makes your content outperform well on TikTok. It is unique from other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Challenges and trends perform, but users also value authenticity. For this reason, if you are deciding on conducting a TikTok contest, you should tweak your tactics to suit the TikTok platform. Comparatively, as a new platform, understanding what works on TikTok can be a little challenging. Yet, the strategies for TikTok contests listed above prove as the best examples that drive successful results. These ideas are: 

  • Gain your audience to dance.
  • Design something innovative using your brand.
  • Motivating self-confidence and positive thoughts.

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